Tuesday's Swim Report / Things I Might Have Missed
Do They Make Waterproof Abacus?

Tuesday Night Sprint Workout

I'm beginning to like Tuesday night swim practice as it is becoming the least attended workout of the week.  With that said the workout was pretty easy and I loafed off for most of it.

Warmed Up

100 Free Pull

200 IM Pull

100 Free Pull (400)

Then we did some drill work.

2x25's Drill Swordfish

2x25's Modified Swordfish with an underwater recovery

2x25's ummm..."Headly"?  Basically with arms on side you rotate from left side to right side while kicking. (150/550)

4x75's with a 25 of each of the drills listed above (300/850)

I think we may have done some other drill work.  I know one arm swims.

4x25's Fast on 30? (100/950)

Then we went into 8x100's Free Fast on 1:20.  Because we were doing drill work and then I got out to pee right before this set I was a bit sluggish at first.  I didn't feel warmed up and just didn't have anything yet.  By the end I was coming in on the 1:05's. (800/1650)

Then I think we did more drill work.  Swimming Fist

2x25's Fist (50/1700)

Then 3x75's (25 fist / 50 distance per stroke) (225/1825)

Then it was sprint time again.  8x50's off the blocks.  Now this was sorta interesting.  I had one person in my lane so we just did a relay.  He'd come in from his 50's and I was off on mine.  So it was like having a minute rest.  My last 50 I did fly. (400/2225)

Then I did a 25 to the other end. (25/2250)

8x25's on 35 Did them all fly (200/2450)

Then ummm...I think 2x50's fly.  I think.  (100/2550)

Warmed down a 100 (100/2650)

I know we did a little more then 2650 but not much more.  It was good to do the drill work but with the air getting chilly I didn't enjoy waiting in between.  As for the starts I do feel we need to do more of them but once again why not all summer when it's warm and we don't mind being on deck.  But hey it was another workout in the pool.  So it was all good.


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