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and the number one reason not to do open water swimming is...

50 After 50 After 50 Swim

This may have been my last workout for 2009.  I may get in one or two more depending on how I feel when I get back to LA but with Holiday pool closures it's all up in the air.  With that said I got in the water feeling sleepy and my body was tired.  I took the warm up nice and slow.  Never really got into any speed during the workout as we did lots of 50's.  Too many for my tastes but the water was really warm so it worked out.

400 Warm Up

200 Kick

200 50 Drill / 50 Swim

400 Pull (1200 warm Up)

Main Free Set:

4x50's Pace on 40

4x50's Build within each 50 on 45

4x50's Descend on 50

4x50's Fast on 55

We were supose to take 15 seconds rest in between each set of 4.  I thought that was too much.  (800/2,000)

50 backstroke easy (2050)

Then we started a stroke set that kept getting amended down as we ran out of time.

Backstroke Round on 55:

3x50's 25 kick / 25 swim

3x50's  25 drill / 25 swim

2x50's build

2x50's sprint (500/2550)

Butterfly Round on 55:

2x50's 25 kick/25 swim

2x50's 25 drill / 25 swim

2x50's build

3x50's fast (450/3000)

Breaststroke -ish Round on 60:

2x50's 25 kick / 25 swim

2x50's 25 drill / 25 swim well I did one with a pee break

2x50's build

2x50's sprint.  did some butterfly at the last 25 (350/3350)

then i just did a 50 easy and got out for a total of 3400 yards.  An easy week to end the swimming season.  Or at least a last swim before the Holiday break.


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