Slaughter In The Pool ...umm... Duel In The Pool
1.5 Mile / Weights / 1.5 Mile

Friday Nite Swim

Ahh...Friday night is an easy swim as the practice is only an hour.  In that hour the main set it short as warm up and drill work takes up most of the workout.  Tonights workout was a back to basics practice.  I will admit that my stroke technique is really pretty bad.  Lets be honest and my freestyle is more a lack of technique then anything else.  Tonights workout was perfect as we started with some drill work.

Warm Up

600 mixed

Then we did 9x50's kick on a minute.  Odds choice and evens were butterfly kick on your back. (450/1050)

Then we did 2x25's fist drill. (50/1100)

Then 2x50's freesyle swim with a 6 beat kick.  This is almost impossible for me.  I don't kick when I swim.  Somehow I've never been able to figure out how to kick and swim at the same time.  Every so often I try to get used to it but give up.  My legs don't like it'  I just pull myself in the water. (100/1200)

Then we did 3x100's pull taking 15 secs rest.  I like pulling.  It's so easy! (300/1500)

Main Set:

4x50's Free on 45 (200/1400)

1x100 IM on 1:45 (100/1500)

6x50's on 40 (300/1800)

15 seconds rest

4x50's on 45 (200/2000)

2x100 choice on 1:50.  I  did one fly and one back (200/2200)

4x50's on 45 (200/2400)

And that was it. 


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