Sunday Afternoon Swim
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Hurts So Good...Freestyle Morning Swim

Ahh....Mondays.  I had forgotten that every other Monday we get to pick from a stroke or freestyle workout.  Guess it's been a while.  Funny that I didn't even notice that I hadn't been to a morning workout in a while.  The lifeguards and some of my morning mates asked where have I been.  Between SCM Regionals and the rain guess I've been swimming at meets or at night.  Either way it was nice to swim this morning. 

The mornings are much busier with swimmers then just a few months ago which is odd considering how cold it is.  In the fast free lane we had 5 of us.  Which isn't so bad as everyone was pretty close to each other in speed.  Well sorta. 

Warmed up a 200 swim and then a 300 pull.  The first 100 the water felt cold but after that it was okay for the warmup.  Some of my mates in the slower lanes complained that it was too cold.  I so want them to shut the fuck up and just swim faster.  During the main set I was burning up in the water.  The ones who whine about it being too cold are the ones that the lifeguards listen to and adjust the water.  Damn them!!!!

Warm up set was 3 rounds of 50 Drill (1 arm, catch up and fist) / 75 swim / 75 kick.  Okay so I admit to taking a pee break and missing a 100.  So instead of 600 yard warm up I got a 500 in.  Since I was the first one in the pool swimming the other part of warm up it was okay with me.  Total warmup was a 1,000.

Main Set:

 I loved this set.  Best set I've swum in some time.  I don't think my lane mates like the first half as much as I did.  Some mentioned that this was the first time they've done a distance set in ages.  I haven't either but boy did I like it'  It was a garbage yardage set either it was a thinking man's set.

Here was the pattern -

1.  Working each wall and streamline.

2.  Build

3.  2nd half was race strategy.  Whatever that means.  Well for the first two parts it made sense but for the second two parts not so much.

4.  FAST.

So here was the set -

4x400's on 5:30

take 15 seconds rest

4x200's on 2:45

take 15 seconds rest

4x100's on 1:20

take 15 seconds rest

4x50's on 50 . 

A 3,000 yard set.  Those 400's felt so good.  I can't remember the last time I felt that good in a workout.  I was doing between 4:35's and 4:40's'  Well in that ballpark.  I was about 25 yards ahead of the guy behind me.  The last one I slowed up as I was about to lap the last person in the lane.  He stopped to let me go but I was done with my 400.  Then came the 200's and I still felt pretty strong.  Each 200 I was able to pull away from the swimmer behind me.  After the 200's I moved from leading the lane to being 2nd to last.  I know that sprints are not my thing.  I could have stayed the lane leader for the 100's but the 50's not so much.  

After that I was done.  The swimming part of workout was done and everyone went to the deep end to do ab work in the pool.  I was done.  F' abs!  Total swimming today was 4,000 yards.  That is a lot of an hour and ten minutes.  It felt great and a bit of pain as my body was working those 400's and 200's but the pain was good.  It was one of those "hurt so good" workouts.


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