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Wednesday, December 16, 2009


The value of any goggle is not in the strength, why tout carbon's strength benefits over polycarbonate? One errant kick to the eye socket in an open water race (the majority of B70's customer) and you'd wish you had soft frames on as the offending swimmer's heel directs the carbon goggle into your broken orbital. I am also big on peripheral vision in open water and racing, can't see through carbon. My last and most critical durability issue with goggles is always the clarity and integrity of the lens. Scratch that lens, ruin the $100 goggles. These have the very same lens material as your $3.50 swedes. Give me good optics, lots of vision and a safe frame, I am happy.

They're emphasizing the fact that the material is light weight and strong. I didn't know there was a problem with goggle weight?? If anything, I can see these addressing the inevitable 'goggle rot' - these things sound durable and extremely reinforced. Will they be faster than any other goggle for actual races? I don't see why they would be. However, if the research money went into making these goggles stronger, then I can see them justifying the price with longevity. It's like a lightbulb that lasts for 4 years - you only need to buy it once but it costs more.

Compared to what a cyclist pays for bikes, carbon cycling shoes and tons of other garb swimming is a cheap sport.  And yes Tony its a bit crazy that jammers, JAMMERS are costing as much as a full tech suit!  100 bucks seems like a bargain in sports equipment.  Its also less then one night at a hotel at Nationals or plane fear to 2010 Nationals.  I like sweedes for practice but look forward to wearing my new carbon goggles in races!

Mike, with respect, your employer's overlord is coming out with a $260 pair of jammers.

Ive been a fan of swedes for some time.  They are great for daily swim practice.  Plus you can make them your own with various straps that you can but they do break pretty easy.  Bungee cords stretch out.  They scratch up pretty easy.  But for the price who cars.  With that said in the world of expensive swim suits, computer generated swim stroke analysis, lactic acid testing and a whole battery of high tech items spending 100 bucks for a goggles for a race that will be lighter and maybe slightly faster to swim with seems a small price.

this is hilarious -- I just wrote an article on the "good old days" of the $3.50 goggles. Ironic coming on the day of this announcement. http://www.swimnetwork.com/News/Swimming/Blogs/Active/Mike-Gustafson/2009/12/Swedish-Goggles.aspx

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