My 200 SCM Backstroke Video
100 SC Meter Butterfly

Redemption! 800 SC Meter Freestyle

Event 24  Men 35-39 800 SC Meter Freestyle
Mc Kenna, Joel        
1:08.56 (35.48)    
1:44.70 (36.14)    
2:20.99 (36.29)
2:57.63 (36.64)    
3:34.41 (36.78)    
4:11.34 (36.93)    
4:48.17 (36.83)
5:25.01 (36.84)    
6:01.59 (36.58)    
6:38.16 (36.57)    
7:14.89 (36.73)
7:51.58 (36.69)    
8:28.39 (36.81)   
 9:05.17 (36.78)   
 9:40.61 (35.44)

HOLY 36!  Holy Fast!  Gotta admit it felt good to swim one good race this weekend.  Funny thing was that when I finished I was a bit confused at what was my previous best time.  I had thought I was about 1 second slower but turns out I was 9 seconds faster.  Can't even begin to explain how happy I was about 5 minutes after my swim when I realized that.  I was having a shitty weekend and one little event of 32 laps turned it all around for me.  Redemption!


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