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Wednesday's Swim Report / Things I Might Have Missed

The Biggest Loser - Danny Cahill

Tonight was the finale of The Biggest Loser and I gotta admit I was torn from deciding which contestant would become The Biggest Loser.  Watching these people struggle week after week really inspires me to get out of bed and workout.  Yes, I'm fit but the stories and inspiration that each of the contestants really is inspiring.  Here are a few news bits about tonight's finale:

MSNBC - "In the end, it came down to two dads — Rudy Paul and Danny Charles — NUP_135192_0096.300w fighting for the $250,000 grand prize.  Danny dropped a jaw-dropping 239 pounds, 55.58 percent of his original body weight, to finish on top.   Rudy lost 234 pounds (52.9 percent)." LINK

Baltimore Sun - "Then Alison announces that there is a surprise. She calls Shay forward to tell her that Subway wants to invite her to the season nine finale to see what progress she makes between now and then. Bob says, "We want to push her a little bit farther." Jillian tells her that for every pound she loses between now and the next finale (in May 2010), she will win $1,000. Wow! (And, since this show is nothing without product placement, she gets unlimited Subway sandwiches.) Shay declares that she will be down to 204."  LINK

EW Interviews Danny Cahill - "I did nothing unhealthy. I ate right and I worked my tail off. I did nothing unhealthy. It was a natural weight loss and you can’t get any healthier than that. I was a couch potato about to have a heart attack seven months ago." LINK

The good news is a whole new season of The Biggest Loser starts Jan 5th!  So after eating all those Holiday treats it'll be time to be inspired by a whole new crew of The Biggest Loser.

Update:  I've embeded Danny Cahill's appearance on this mornings Today show but as always MSNBC doesn't keep video feed up for long so watch it before it's gone:

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It's all irrelevant anyway. Jakob is streets ahead of everyone and should win.

Congrats Danny..........but really you look rock..........

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