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The Heat Miser Swim Pool

Not to sound like a broken record but damn that pool is way too hot!  Don't get me wrong it feels good when you first jump in since the air is a bit chilly but once you start swimming it becomes so gross.  When we were swimming the main set I was so hot that I felt like I was going to toss my cookies at every turn.  I gave up and didn't finish.  Didn't want to give up my cookies to the pool this morning. 

Warm Up

mixed 600

Hmiser Warm Up Set

100IM drill on 1:45 (100)

3x50's I M drill (i guess no free.  cant remember but thought it was 3 not 4) 1:00 (150/250)

100 IM drill on 1:45 (100/350)

3x50's stroke drill on 55 (150/500)

100 IM swim on 1:45 (100/600)

3x50's free on 50 descend (150/750/1350)

Then we did pulling and kicking -

200 Pull DPS on 2:45

100 Kick on 2:05

200 Pull breathing every 5 on 2:45

100 kick (600/1950)

Main Set:

300 on 4 mins (300)

5x50's on 50 build 1-3 then un-build last 2 (250/550)

300 on 4 mins (300/850)

5x50's on 50 build 1-3 then un-build last 2 (250/1100)

300 - at lap 9 I stopped.  it was a bit much.  thought i was going to puke then finished the last 3 laps easy.  (300/1400/3350)

That was it.  Enough is enough.  I don't know why I feel like I am going to puke in workouts.  Is it the heat or can I not hack the workouts.  It just could be that even after all this time I just can't handle anaerobic swims.  Either way I am done for the day.

As for this workout for the main set I missed out on 5 more 50's and one last 300.  The set called for four 300's decending each one.  I went out too fast on the first two doing them on 3:31 and 3:26.  Doubt I would have gone out and faster evdn if I didn't go anaerobic.


After having heaters broken most of this winter, our pool club finally realized that they could cover the pool at night. Now, the pool is at 82 instead of 72. So, instead of complaining about how cold the water is every morning, I have to start complaining that it's too hot. This swimming business is more complicated than I thought.

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