Pre-Rain Quick Run & Workout
E19H06 Men 200M Fly – 2009 US Masters SCM Southwest Zone Championships

Thursday Night Swim

I forgot to post this last night but I did head to the evening workout.  Luckily the water wasn't as hot as it has been and was actually nice.  Mixed with the cold air it was an decent night for swimming.  I started off on a bad foot just goofing off and only warming up a 150.  I figured we'd be doing a formal warm up soon after so I was in no hurry to get going.  The coach wrote a 2,000 yard warm up set.  On paper it was a great warm up set but in reality it was a bit of a mess. 

200 Yards Kick - since all 3 of us in my lane were pretty bad kickers we were all taking our time at this part.  So far the set is going well.

400 Pull (200 DPS / 200 Breathing every 3//any/7) - This is when the lane started to fall apart.  I was second between two taller swimmers and I gotta admit I like to either lead or be last.  Knowing that some drill work was next I so didn't want to lead.  During the 1st 200 of this pull we all were on top of each other.  So I stopped and took off my paddles for the 2nd 200.  I figured we'd still stay grouped together for this whole 2,000 yard set and I didn't want to be the middle swimmer.

800 Swim/Drill/WTF - the first 400 was drill 50 swim 50.  I assumed that the guy who was now the 2nd swimmer would be a bit speedier in this part.  Or would stop and let me move ahead.  I really didn't think he'd slow up as much.  Pretty much I would catch him, stop at the wall and wait a bit before going again.  It was like 16x25's.  Now this was a non-stop 2,000 yard set but I thought the lane leader would stop and let us all catch up.  But nope he kept going and we kept falling behind.  By the time we were into the 2nd 400 I was about to give up.  Still just swimming a 25 and giving the 2nd guy some space.  I gave up and just started to slow swim.  I also think everyone misscounted during this part of the set.

400 Pull - meh.  bathroom time.  Came back and didn't bother to count.  Maybe a 200 yard pull for me

200 kick - I think I only did a 100.  I was contemplating leaving the pool.  Long sets like this would be okay if we all were about the same speed and stayed together but I lost track of what we were doing at various parts and I do think at one point when I was counthing my lane mates miscounted.  So the set was a bit of a mess.  After this we moved over to the wall lane in which only two of us stayed for the main set.  (1,700/1,850)

Main Set:

4x50's on 55 (200)

4x100's build on 1:20 (400600)

4x200's race strategy on 2:55 (800/1400) Lot's of rest.  I really worked these.  Gotta love 200's.

4x100's descend on 1:25 (4001800)

4x50's sprint on 45 (200/2000/3,250)

Then we did a 50 easy (50/3,900)

Hmm...I didn't even try to make this an even 4,000 but I did.  I then did 4x25's and got out.  It was 12x25's breath control but I was done. 

I liked the workout in theory or if it was long course.  Swimming a long 2,000 long set doesn't always work out to well in a yard pool.


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