Rant: Big mistake. Big. Huge ! I have to go shopping now.
My 1500 SCM Freestyle Post Swim Photo

Weekend Swimming Roundup

I've already posted a bit about my weekend and when I can lift my arms a bit more I may write a bit more.  But check out Tony's and Rob's blogs for great run downs of this past weekend's swimming in Long Beach. (photo from RobAquatics of me counting for one of my team mates Luis.  I think I counted for 3 people during the 1500, one for the 400 and 09grunions12 two for the 800.)

Team photos of the 'SPMA SCM Regional Championship' races! - SCAQ Blog

2009 SPMA SCM Regionals: A thousand world records will descend on you! - SCAQ Blog

SPMA Short Course Meters Regionals is hemorrhaging World Records!  - SCAQ Blog

I did something very stupid today at the SPMA SCM Championships!  - SCAQ Blog

2009 SPMA SCM Regional Championships Day 2 Wrap Up - RobAquatics

 2009 SPMA SCM Regional Championships Day 3 Wrap Up  - RobAquatics

Watch the 2009 SPMA SCM Regional Championships Live!  - RobAquatics

Last Swim Before Long Beach 
- RobAquatics


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