2010 LA Marathon - Runner Info/ Race Day Tracking

OMG! 9 Days and counting to the 2010 LA Marathon!  Now if you are bored on the day of the marathon and stuck by your computer or you want text updates of your favorite marathoner/s you can sign up to get updates!  The LA Marathon's website has live Race 74107411  Day Tracking!  Remember my bib # is 1570.  According to the website LINK:

Your friends and family can follow your marathon during the race by signing up here for Race Day Tracking. With this feature, we’ll send out updates as you cross certain checkpoints on race day.

Text messages are sent out at:






2010 LA Marathon Countdown: PANIC TIME!!!!!!

It's my own fault that I'm not ready to run a full marathon.  That is one thing I know.  I made the decision to train for the marathon on my own.  Since I'm unemployed I didn't want to spring for the training group as it was an additional fee.  I also didn't want to join one of the charity training groups as I didn't want to hit people up for money and couldn't afford to write a check for myself.  So I've listened to friends, foes, runners and such who have given me some great advice on how to train.  I've been reading blogs LAM_start_map  and running sites to grasp even more knowledge.  With all that said I'm about a week behind in where I'd like to be in my training.  Last Sunday was to be my last big run.  The run of all runs.  The run to end all runs.  The run I slept in and didn't do.  Doh!  Now I'm in the taper period and have to do one more long run.  My plan is to do it tomorrow and hopefully have enough taper time before the Marathon itself.  

I was going to do it today but felt I needed one more day of rest from Tuesdays somewhat long run.  Today I only ran the 2 miles to the gym.  At the gym I did my usual weight routine including a little bit of legs.  Nothing crazy and more of a taper compared to what I would have normally done.  Then I ran the 2 miles home.  I put in a little bit of a hill just for some fun.  Now I'm just going to let my legs relax for tomorrow.  I may go to tonight's swim practice or not.  Only time will tell.  

I just need to keep positive over the next 9 days.  No drinking alcohol.  Eat right.  Carbo load.  Etc., etc.  A few very short taper runs.  I'll even stop swimming mid week and stop lifting upper body also.  Let me whole body be rested and recovered.  Since I've learned so much over the last few months from online blogs and sites I'll try to go back and post a few of them over the next week for others who wish to run a LAM_finish_map  marathon. 

Come marathon day my two goals are to stay strong and finish the 26.2 miles.  I want to stay under the 5 hour mark which would be a 11.27 pace.  I think that is so doable.  I'd like to be under 11 or at 11 which would mean a 4:49 marathon.  But whatever...I just want to finish.  Then just go back to running 1/2 Marathons or 10K's.  At least till next years LA Marathon.  

Oh and one last thing.  If you are a company, website or charity and want some exposure contact me about me wearing a logo tee-shirt.  I'm still debating what to wear during my run so hit me up.

My 2010 LA Marathon BIB# = 1570

This morning when I woke up I got an e-mial from the "2010 Honda LA Marathon presented by K-Swiss 25th Anniversary, March 21, 2010" with my official bib number.  My number will be #1570.  Getting this email sorta motivated me to go running.  No, panicked me into running today.  It's so close!  How can I run that much?  What was I thinking?  A year ago running 6 miles was a big event and now I am going to run 26.2!  HOLY CRAP!

 After putzing around the computer I ran the 2 miles to the gym.  Did my weight routine and then headed out for a run.  I really wasn't going to run far.  I was thinking maybe 12 or 14 miles.  I had a few running routes in my mind.  I started running east on Santa Monica Blvd turning south on La Brea.  I ran on La Brea then turned west at Beverly. At the 4 mile mark I was a Pan Pacific Park so I stopped for some water and to pee.  Then I was back running west on Beverly.  I ran to Doheny then turned south.  As I was waiting at a cross walk another runner was stopped.  He looked like a serious runner and this was on the LA Marathon route so I asked him if he was running the marathon route.  Luckily he was and we then chatted about the route for about two blocks.  I turned west on Burton Way.  I continued on Burton till turns to Little Santa Monica then turned on Bedford.  I just ran the block to the Santa Monica Park Path.  Ran on the path west and turned on Wilshire.  Then I went my usual loop up Whittier.  But then went up Greenway to Sunset.  I ran on Sunset to the Will Rogers Park stopping for some more water and a pee break.  I then headed up Crescent to Lexington.  Basically part of the Niketown Run Club Loop.  Then Lexington back around to Whittier.  Then continued on Whitter to Wilshire and back on the path.  I took the path all the way along Santa Monica till the end at Doheny.  But then continued on Santa Monica to Fairfax.  I then just walked from Fairfax to home.  The run was 16.06 miles.  Marchrun
 The run of 16.06 plus the earlier 2 mile run gave me 18.06 miles today.  Now that I'm home, showered and refueled I am very tired.  But with less then two weeks till the LA Marathon I so need to kick up the training this week in order to have a taper week.  I think my next run will have some walking in it so I can at least feel what 26.2 miles will be like on my body!  OY!

Running Again, And It Hurts So Good

Since I officially signed up for the 2010 LA Marathon which is less then a month away I decided it was time to get back to my training.  Rain, birthday, too much wine and just laziness really derailed my training.  But I am back with it and started my first long run in weeks.  I will admit that I'm proud of this mornings run more then past runs.  Well except the two 1/2 Marathons I did.  The reason was I ran along the beach which provided with a non-stop path so it was a close to running a bit more then a 1/2 Marathon.  I did stop to take pictures and get water but it was pretty much longer in between then a usual run that would be interrupted by cars and traffic lights.  So today's run of over 17 miles was pretty much a terrific run.  I think the rest of my training will include one beach run a week.  That way I can run nonstop and catch me some of the most beautiful coastline in the world.

My Nike+ has been on the fritz but last night it somehow came back to life.  So I ran with it today.  I know that it's calibration isn't correct but today was a good run!  Nike+ reads it as a 17.59 mile run.  I did use gmap-pedometer but feel that isn't exact either but that reads about 17.1 miles.  Which is odd as usually the Nike+ is way off.  Maybe the goobley gook it was registered and the reset somehow made it work again and be more accurate.

I started my run at the top of the bridge down to the Santa Monica Pier.  Had to take a quick rest room break before the run really started.  As you can see my run started at the end of Route 66.  I ran south towards the Venice Pier.  When I got to the Pier I joined all the other runners who ran on the Pier to the end and turned back.

But instead of heading back to Santa Monica I continued running south towards Marina Del Rey.  The beach path sorta ends and stops randomly but I found one or two other runners running along Speedway which is more of an alley then a real street.  The path picked up again so I was running along the beach.  Running past a great view of the Ocean.  I noticed this part of the path was filled.   Guess when you live in million dollar condos with ocean front views you are nice and kind to runners!  I ran right to the end were the Los Angeles River empties out to the Pacific.

As I turned around at the end of the jetty or whatever you call it a lifeguard pulled up.  I felt like I was watching an episode of BayWatch.  I then ran back and headed back towards Venice on Speedway to the Venice Pier.  Stopped for a second to snap a photo of C&O Italian eatery.  The best garlic rolls this side of the Mississippi.  Plus they have an honor system for Chianti.  Yummy!  Glug glug!  At times the waiters burst into song and sing "When The Moon Hit's Your Eye Like A Big Pizza Pie..."  That's when the crowd dinning pipes in!

I kept on running along Venice Beach passing the Santa Monica Pier and continued north.  I kept going to Will Rogers Beach.  Luckily it was still early enough that I missed most of the tourists and shops being open.  Otherwise with the street performers and all running would have been hell!  I tried to keep on the pedestrian path and allow the bicyclist to have the bike path all to themselves.  But it seemed I was one of the few who did that.  At one point I had no choice as only the bike path existed.  Later on it was clearly marked but markings were ignored by many.

I got to the end of the path at Will Rogers Beach.  Took a break to stretch a bit.  I was getting sore and tired.  The path ends at a private beach club.  I think you can in theory run around the club on the PCH sidewalk but I was done.  Well not really done.  I had to still run back to the Santa Monica Pier.

The run back was slow and a bit painful.  I stopped at one point to readjust my shoes.  My feet were hurting so I took off my shoes and socks then put them back on again.  Felt great and I was on my way.  A bit slow but I was running again.  Yeah, just about everyone was passing me but hey I was finishing my run!  I got to the Santa Monica Pier and was done!  Thank god!  17 miles of running!  Enough till next weekend!  Back to the beach!    


Running Miles 2 - 12 of The Los Angeles Marathon In Pictures

After running from mile 12 to the finish line last weekend it was time to see the route from the other end.  Well almost.  The 2010 Los Angeles Marathon starts up at the parking lot of Dodgers Stadium which I've been told you are not allowed to access so I started on the street around mile 2.  I had a bit of a late start and since I live a bit after mile 12 I figured I'd take a bus to mile 2 and run home.  I missed my first bus and then totally underestimated how long it would take me via the bus.  My start was a bit later then I wanted it to be.  Doh!

Here is the 2010 LA Marathon Route to Mile 12...

Mile 1 In Dodger Stadium old outer ring roadway, in line with signpost “G” on L side.

 Photo(2)  Photo(3) 

I started at the turn from Elysian Park Ave and Sunset.  Above you can see a pictures with a view of the north and south of the corner.  This is the easy part of the race.  It is the first mile after all.

Mile 2 On Sunset Blvd, L side, at light pole across from #1218 (3rd light pole N of Marion Ave).
Shortly you come up to mile two!  Keep on running on Sunset till it becomes Cesar Chavez.  Since it is Sunset and was rush hour-ish I stayed on the sidewalk but the street looked pretty good for running.

Mile 3 On Cesar Chavez, L side, at light pole NE corner New High St.

I missed the mile marker hello Chinatown.  Time for Dim Sum!  For miles I kept passing great places that I have eaten and even after eating a breakfast I was hungry!  Don't believe the foodie snobs LA has some great places to eat.  Many along the marathon route.  So if you are not going to run you can steal watch while you chow down!


I had to make a quick restroom stop and luckily they let me in at El Pueblo De Los Angeles.  Thanks security for helping me out!  Took a picture of Olveria Street closed up.  Then another one of Union Station.

quickly backtracking a bit back to turn on Main Street.

5KM On Main St, R side, next to traffic signal box embedded in sidewalk ~50 yds W of Cesar Chavez.


During the day this place is filled with people and music.  This whole block of Olveria Street and El Pueblo De Los Angeles is a definate place for tourist and locals.  

So keep running on Main to 1st at the Death Star or Star Destroyer.  Anyways it's a big "green" building that looks like something from the Empire.

Then to Grand.  Oh that hill on Main is the first hill of the marathon and not the last.  I gotta get some more hill running in!  I think this is one spot people may begin to falter a bit.

Mile 4 On Grand Av, R side, at palm tree across from #165 (entrance to Music Center Banquet Hall).

A bit of culture on the run.  When you run up the hill on 1st you'll see the Disney Concert Hall to your left at the turn on to Grand.  Then turn right after on Temple.  Running on Temple to E. Edgeware Road then turning on Edgeware then on to Bellevue.  If you do run this as a training run you are near the highway with crosswalks at the on and off ramps.  Be Careful!  I waited at every crosswalk and still had a few drivers pretend I was target practice.

Mile 5 On Bellevue Ave, R side, before Douglas St, at #1331 driveway.

Took a picture of the ground cars were parked on both sides of the mile marker. Plus the view is the highway and traffic.  Joy Joy!  Cough Cough!

At another highway offramp was this empty itty bitty pool right besides the highway.  Must be fun swimming with all the exhaust fumes about 5 feet away.  Marco Cough Polo!

Echo Park.  Turning on Glendale and running along Echo Park.  Then up to Park at the fork in the road.  Due to crosswalks I had to run a bit of a maze but it'll be a short turn on a short hill for a bit.

At one of my favorite restaurants Taix I turned on Sunset.  For the next 5 miles or so it's just one restaurant after another.  Later on in Hollywood is a great little Thai restaurnat that has a Thai Elvis and Thai Karen Carpenter.  In between in Silverlake are great coffee shops and breakfast places.  A few good Mexican places that are very lively in food and in spirits.

Mile 6 On Sunset Blvd, R side, at traffic light pole NW corner Alvarado St.

10KM On Sunset Blvd, R side, at 6th parking meter past Waterloo St (meter #188).


Mostly just traffic for a mile or so.  Sidewalks were not so fun with a bit of a mudslide from the rains at one point.  

Mile 7 On Sunset Blvd, R side, ~100 yds before Micheltorena, at wood power pole E side of #3319.

Just another restaurant that I have enjoyed in the past.  I didn't take pictures of all the places I've eaten at or I would have been walking and not running.  But for all you athletic supporters can come on out cheer and eat afterwards!  It's a bit after mile 7.

Mile 8 On Sunset Blvd, R side, 30 yds before Sunset Dr.

Here is the historic Vista.  It's after the mile 8 mark.  I took pictures of the mile markers but how many pictures of green paint of pavement can one want to see?

Mile 9 On Hollywood Blvd, R side, ~30 yds past Winona Blvd, at driveway for #5155.

15KM On Hollywood Blvd, R side, just before Western Ave, 20 yds before drive entrance to Ross/ Ralphs shopping plaza, at storefront “E”.

Mile 10 On Hollywood Blvd, R side, at E edge of driveway for #5955 (Florentine Gardens).

More concrete before hitting Hollywood.  I was more captivated by the police helicopter flying in circles above.  Tried to take a few pictures but they didn't come out to well.

You can see the famous Capital Records building in the distance as I get closer to the center of Hollywood.  It was still pretty early so I didn't have to run in between too many tourist.  The closer I got to the Mann's Chinesse Theatre the more people I ran into.  Luckily on LA Marathon day they will be on the sidewalk while we take over the streets!

I see dead people!

Hollywood and Vine.  Once the center of Hollywood now the center of tourism for the city.  This will be fun running along.  I love running at races when the streets are closed off.  When I run on my own I am always dotting in between cars and people.  So I can't wait to just run and enjoy the views.

Mile 11 On Hollywood Blvd, R side, at light pole NW corner McCadden Pl.

This picture isn't the exact spot but I was dodging tourist and missed the mile marker.  But you can see part of Spiderman.  The folks who are dressed up as the characters are an interesting bunch.  Check out the documentary about these folks called "Confessions of a Superhero".  It's interesting to say the least.  

Mile 12 On Sunset Blvd, R side, at NE corner Vista St.

Ahh...pavement.  There is a cafe right here on the corner so you can sit back eat and cheer people on.  Come on!  So that concludes this mornings run.  It was a bit over 10 miles.  Lot's of fun.  Thinking I'd like to eat my way along the course sometime.  The route took me longer then I expected but that was traffic and a few detours for crosswalks. 

For more infomation on the 2010 LA Marathon check out lamarathon.com.  I copied the mile marker info from the site.  Lot's of great information on the route with maps and pictures on the official site.  Only 50 more days!  Get Running!

Running The Back 14.2 Miles of the 2010 LA Marathon #lamarathon

55 Days to the 2010 LA Marathon.  What the hell did I get myself into?  I said I was going Photo(10)to do it so that means I must start training for the run.  I went to lamarathon.com and looked at the map to see the different mile points.  Since mile 12 was super close to where I live I decided I'd start at 12 and run the route to the very end.  14.2 miles!  I was tempted to actually start at the beach and run home but I knew one of my ways would be via bus and the Sunday bus doesn't start to later so I ran to the beach.

I walked from my house to the 12 mile marker and I was regretting wearing a sleeveless running shirt and shorts as it was cold.  I could see my own breath it was that cold.  This is LA and it's not suppose to be this cold.  Damnit!  The LA Marathon folks marked each mile with green mile markers all along the run.  I did see most of them.  Some I couldn't find and some well I ran right by.  The thing about the route is that while on race day we will be running on the streets I had to run on sidewalks and deal with walkers, crosswalks, sidewalks that don't exactly go with the main route due to traffic issues and other hazzards.  So I didn't find all the mile markers but did find most of them and the others had my mile marker list from the website.  So let's run!

Mile 12 On Sunset Blvd, R side, at NE corner Vista St.


A tad after the Rock n' Roll Ralphs on Sunset and right at Sam Ash Music Store.  This is the Rock N' Roll part of the Los Angeles area.  Instead of Silverlake wannabe hipsters or the Downtown artist loft hipsters these are the Rock N' Roll hipsters.  I don't care for my neighbors much.  But it's a great mile to be running!  Hopefully my neighbors won't read this post and will come and cheer me on!

Mile 13 On Sunset Blvd, L side, just before Roxbury, 9 yds before #8228 (National Lampoon World Headquarters)


You are now entering the Sunset Strip!  You'll notice the sign still does read National Lampoon but I'm pretty sure they are no longer there.  Didn't pay rent for months.  Read it on some gossip website.  So don't be looking for the sign in March as it may no longer be there.  But this is basically the start of the famous Sunset Strip.

½ way On Sunset Blvd, R side, at 3rd parking meter E of Sweetzer Ave. (meter #SS8231)


The one and only car parked on Sunset was the one right at the 1/2 way mark of the LA Marathon.  Notice how organized and precise the LA Marathon folks are having it down to the exact parking meter.  Amazing! 

Mile 14 On Sunset Blvd, R side, past Horn Ave., next to stairs for #8801 (Live on Sunset).

The last bit of running on Sunset.  Right before the turn down San Vicente.  And almost as the shell of what once was a Tower Records location.  Remember Tower Records?  I guess video didn't kill the radio star but the internet did.  You also can tell it is pretty early on a Sunday as there is no traffic on Sunset!

Below is just a picture of a turn from Santa Monica Blvd onto Doheny at the Beverly Hills line.


The run is down San Vicente turning on to Santa Monica and running east towards Doheny.  So that means all your folks in West Hollywood need to come out and not only cheer me on but everyone.  Grab your Starbucks coffee and cheer!!!!!!

Mile 15 On Doheny Dr, R side, just past Rangely Ave., across from #466.


Here is one of my favorite streets to run down, Doheny.  It's usually empty and the sidewalks are flat and wide.  Plus it is framed perfectly for photos by Palm Trees.  Hello, Los Angeles!

25KM On Burton Way, E-bound side, next to manhole just past turn from Doheny.

Mile 16 On Burton Way, L side, at alleyway between Alpine Dr and Rexford Dr, at manhole.

Doh!  I sorta missed those markers.  The 25K I just didn't see and well instead of Rexford I was thinking Roxbury so I ran past it.  Pulled out my iPhone and used the mapping function only to realized I had past it.

But I did get a few pix on Rodeo. 


The picture is dark but I ran past a photo shoot on Rodeo Drive.  One Audi and one Rolls Royce. 

Mile 17 On Wilshire Blvd, R side, even with center of McCarthy Dr intersect.


Wilshire is a ghost town on Sunday mornings.  Perfect day to run!  One of the benefits of running in the morning is that you can run and run without too many people mulling about and cars so you can jaywalk or jayrun. 

Mile 18 On (big) Santa Monica Blvd W-bound, R side, 3 yds before 2nd light pole counting E from Century Park W.

Let's Go Shopping!  The Century City Mall.  After the Grove opened and before the major remodel of this mall it was a hidden gem of shopping in LA.  Now that they we did the mall it's a great mall but is now busier.  Good for the retailers not so good for folks who hate shopping in crowds like me. 

30KM On Santa Monica Blvd W-bound, R side, just past Westholme St, in Metro stop, 5 yds before “Metro” signpost.

I don't think the KM are marked on the street.  I ran back and forth and walked about looking for the marking.  But I took a pix of the area.  Then ran on the southern side of the street which went sorta below street level.

Mile 19 On Santa Monica Blvd W-bound, R side, 16 yds before “Malcolm Ave” street signpost.


I am below Santa Monica but at Malcom Ave.  I ran along this sidestreet till I was back on Santa Monica and crossed back over to the other side.

Mile 20 On Ohio Ave, R side, 39 yds before Sawtelle Blvd.

Doh!  I ran past this mark.  And ran.  And doh!  Then ran back and found the 20 mile marker.  The rain seemed to have taken it's toll on the paint job.  A bit after the 20 mile mark the run turns into the Veteren's Administration Park.  It's really nice with great views of the area.

You can't tell it in this photo but lots of folks were running, walking and cycling in the park.  I never realized it was open for running.  Definatly will keep it in mind for future runs. 

Coming up is a cool bridge/tunnel.  I stopped and took a few pictures of the paintings inside.

Depending on the temp and sunshine on race day this will be a nice piece of shade on the run.  But when running on your own after this bridge is an off ramp that has a stop sign but I noticed some drivers thought the stop sign was only a suggestion.  So when on a training run keep that in mind.

Mile 21 In VA grounds, on Eisenhower Ave, L half, 10 yds before E crosswalk to Wadsworth Theatre.

The Wadsworth Theatre.  It's pretty nice as I've been to a screening there before.  Years ago, think it was Cold Mountain.  All I remember is that after at a wine reception seeing Nicole Kidman and thinking "wow, she's tall".  I ran around looking for the mile market to no avail.  Just continued on.

Here is a bit of Brentwood History

Nicole Brown Simpson had her last meal here.  It's now just a coffee shop. 

35KM On San Vicente Blvd E-bound, R side, ~50 yds past Montana Ave.

Mile 22 On San Vicente Blvd E-bound, L side, just past Bundy Dr, 10 yds past “Bus Stop” sign.

Brentwood is made for runners.  And cyclist also.  The median in the middle was full of runners and walkers.  The closer I got to the beach the more runners that ran past me.  Hey I am on mile 10 here!  The sun was out but the temp was still low.  I was in runners heaven.  I keep saying I want out of WeHo and move to Santa Monica but now I'm thinking Brentwood.  Of course either one of those requires me to win lottery so just a pipe dream.

Mile 23 On San Vicente Blvd E-bound, L side, 8 yds past hydrant SE corner at 26th St intersect.

The Team In Training Group had a water station set up.  This is where the path started to get busy.  Also kept seeing cyclers and cycling groups zooming by.  Besides Veterens Administration I gotta remember Brentwood for my running routes.  San Vicente is a perfect place to run.  Also I noticed a Farmers Market.  Maybe run and shopping are in my future in Brentwood. 

Mile 24 On San Vicente Blvd E-bound, L side, ~125 yds past 14th St, at W edge of driveway for #1238.

This is the general area of mile Mile 24.  Once again perfection!

40KM On San Vicente Blvd E-bound, L side, past 4th St, in line with E edge of #220.

Mile 25 On San Vicente Blvd E-bound, L side, 3 yds before 2nd light pole counting back from Ocean Ave.

Once again this is sorta around mile 25.  Basically it's at the crosswalk at the intersection of Ocean Ave and Santa Monica Blvd.  I climbed up on the wall and snapped the photo.  One of the cycling groups were resting and refueling next to me.  The rest of the run in on Ocean Blvd.  Passed people walking, rollerbladding, runnng and just being active.  Even passed a group doing Yoga.  God I love Santa Monica! 

1Mi to go On Ocean Ave, R side, between Marguerita Ave and Alta Ave, at parking meter #510

Mile 26 On Ocean Ave, R side, just past Wilshire, at bus stop, 2 yds past “Metro 20″ signpost.

Ahhh...tourist bus! 

Taking this photo got me some crazy looks.  Since most of the run I was pretty much by myself no one wondered why this guy was hunched over in the street taking pictures of the road.  But here in SaMo the folks looked puzzled at me.  Once again running along Ocean Ave with the Pacific on your side is the most amazing place to run in the world. 

Finish On Ocean Ave, at NW edge of crosswalk at Santa Monica Blvd.

No need for the police escort home officers I'll be okay.  The end!  This is the 26.2 Mile Mark or for my run today the 14.2 Mile Mark. The run might have been a bit more then that as I over shot a few turns and was running back and forth looking for a few markers. 

The last or backend 14.2 Miles was a nice run.  Can't wait to run the other 12 miles!  Over the next 2 months of my training I will break up the marathon route to smaller routes.  Running and blogging the different parts of the run.  I've seen a few other runner bloggers start doing it also and it's been fun reading those post.  So keep coming back as I train for the 2010 Los Angeles Marathon!

Stubble / Treadmill Run

Now that SCM Swim Season is behind me it's time to look ahead at what's next on my things to do.  Next up is the LA Marathon.  Okay they'll be a few things in between with swimming SCY and some fun runs.  But it's time to start thinking about 2010 and get some running in.  The bad news is that it's going to be cold and rainy here in LA for the next week so I'll be doing some treadmill runs.  I hate running on treadmills.  Nothing is more boring then standing on a machine, running but not going anywhere.  With just a mirror and my own reflections to look at running gets old fast.  I think treadmills are the number one reason why people don't run.  Treadmills suck.  


To make it even worse was the fact that after shaving for last weekends swim meet my leg hair's are just stubble.  Stubble and itchy!  So much fun to run with stubble!  I so should wax my legs.  Today's run was basically my first run in two weeks so I took it easy.  That will be how most of my runs will be for the rest of the year.  A little bit of easy runs with some interval training.  Then come the 1st of the year I'll map out a training scheadule for my training for the LA Marathon.  My only goal is to finish it so I will admit it's not a lofty goal but it's a goal. 

The LA Marathon on 5,000 calories

How did you spend your holiday weekend?  Ate turkey, watched some football and waited Peters MONEY shot v2 for cyber monday to roll around?  While we were all sitting on the couch runner Jimmy Dean Freeman decided to test run the 2010 LA Marathon Route.  But with a bit of a twist.  JD who has been called a " is a local coach, ultramarathoner and stand-up comedian" decided to make his run a culinary delight.  According to the Official LA Marathon Blog LINK:
The culinary highlights included Burrito King, In n Out Burger, Carney's and Sprinkles Cup Cakes. While burning 3,600 calories, he consumed over 4,800 calories and actually gained half a pound on the day. That could be a new record for marathon energy replacement. Including all of his stops for food, his time was 5:21.
The sad thing is that when I run it I won't be stopping to eat at every fast food joint on the route but still won't be much faster then him.  Maybe In N Out Double Double's are better then Gatorade?

127 Days To The 2010 Los Angeles Marathon

I'm in!  Well that is the plan.  I've decided to run the 2010 LA Marathon.  I've done the Long Beach 1/2 Marathon last month and will do the 13.1 (1/2 Marathon) in Santa Monica on Jan 10th.  Then I'll start pushing it and start my LA Marathon training.  So from time to time I'll be adding some LA Marathon News in between posts.  Some it will relate to my training and some of it will be for fun.  Even created a new category for my updates.  For general info check out the LA Marathon's website LINK

Here is a video of the route:

Here is a link to the elevation of the route LINK

And check out the Official Blog of the LA Marathon LINK