1st Swim of 2010
Monday Morning Getting Into The Swim Of Things

150 LCM Breaststroke? Is This Some Sort of Sick Joke?

Day two of the New Year and boy is my body taking a beating.  Since we have the chance to swim Long Course Meters on Sunday morning I am doing my best to wake up and get to the pool while it lasts.  I love long course swimming and I know that it is good for my training so I need to swim LCM more.  Today I jumped in the stroke lane instead of the freestyle lane since it was the least crowded.  That and being out of shape I figured an IM/Stroke workout would be a great way to engage my full body and get me back into shape quicker. 

Warmed Up a 450

Warm Up Set

4x50's Kick 10 secs rest

4x50's Drill 10 secs rest 1 of each stroke

2x100's Kick 1 secs rest (600/1050)

Main Set:

2x150's Breaststroke on 3:00 (okay I cheated and tossed some fly in here.  not that much but a bit) (300)

2x100's Free on 1:30 (i think this is what we did, it's a blur) (200500)

1x200 IM (i don't remember the interval but it was plenty of rest before moving on) (200/700)

3x100's Back on 2:00 (300/1000)

2x100's Free on 1:30 (200/1200)

200 IM once again don't remember the interval (200/1400)

4x50's Fly on 60 (200/1600)

200 Free and this is when my lane mate and i fell apart.  he did a 100 of this 200 and then i only did a 100 of the following im. (200/1800)

200 IM (or 100 fly/back for me) (200/2000/3050)

Then I did a 100 warmdown and called it a day.  3150 LCM.  Not bad for just getting back in the swim of things.  Could have been worse and could have been better.  Still hacking a bit from the cold I've been battling all week.  I figure by the end of this new week I'll be back swimming and all better.  Just in time to kill myself with running. So need to get back at running. 


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