Rearview Mirror: Swimming in 2009
150 LCM Breaststroke? Is This Some Sort of Sick Joke?

1st Swim of 2010

With vacation and coming down with a cold I haven't been in the pool in 12 days.  So it was time to swim this morning.  I didn't care if I was hacking up lung I had to get back in the water.  Since our team didn't have a practice due to pool closings and what not I headed to the West Hollywood Pool for the morning lap swim.  Luckily I ran into a few mates and we did a workout together. 

The workout itself was really easy with very nice and easy intervals.  I was swimming with slower swimmers so I changed the workout so I did more stroke compared to my mates.

Warm Up

300 Swim

300 Kick

300 Pull (900)

Then we did 10x50's on 60

each 50 was 25 Drill / 25 Swim.  1-4 Free, 5-8 Stroke IM Order and the last 2 free but a bit faster to get the heart rate up. (500/1400)

1st Set:

8x125's.  I forgot the interval.  Doh!  But I did them 25 Free / 75 Stroke / 25 Free while the rest of the group did 50 Free / 25 Stroke / 50 Free.  I think that is how we did them.  I alternated fly and backstroke.  (1000/2400)

2nd Set:

2x75's on 1:20 Free

50 Stroke on 60 (did butterfly)

2x75's Stroke on 1:30 (did backstroke)

50 Free on 60

2x75's on 1:20 Free

50 Stroke on 60 (did backstroke)

2x75's Stroke on 1:30 (did butterfly)

50 Free on 60

2x75's on 1:20 Free

50 Stroke on 60 (did butterfly) (1000/3400)

Then swam a 100 warmdown for a total of 3500 yards.  No New Year themed sets of 20x100's or anything like that.  Just an all around welcome back to swimming workout.  Gotta admit during warm up my body felt so icky and my muscles were not willing to wake up and swim.  It was like I hadn't swam in months.  But luckily with slower intervals and short distances I just kept going getting in a descent workout.  I may head and swim with the team tomorrow as it's LCM.  Would be nice to get back to the swim of things!

Once again as I do every year I resolve to keep a running total in each blog post so I can see how much I've been swimming.  So here is the first swim.  Let's see how long I keep it up. 

WTD Yardage:  3500

MTD Yardage: 3500

YTD Yardage: 3500


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