Running The Back 14.2 Miles of the 2010 LA Marathon #lamarathon
Swimming Is Easy, Math Is Hard!

6 Days, 3 Runs and 24 Miles 2 Go

Last month I made it my New Years Resolution / I'm Turning 40 Goal to run the LA Marathon.  Since last August I got back on the running bandwagon again.  Using my Nike+ I can track how much every month I run.  Since I am a bit competitive I've realized this morning that I am 24 miles to go to running the most miles in any month.  So far for this month I've run 84.89 miles and the most I've ever run in one month was 108.52.  I ran 108 back in September.  So with 6 days left I need to run 24 miles!  Which will be spread over 3 runs this week.  Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday!  Unless I get sick or it rains all this week this is an easy goal.  Funny I say that as running 6 miles in one run was a daunting task just a year ago. 

I am also trying to find a fun run to do on my 40th Birthday next month on Valentines Day.  I found a mini-tri with a pool run down in Irvine.  And sorta a 1/2 Marathon in Long Beach although that seemed more like a club run type of thing.  My birthday falls on a Sunday so that is my running day.  Hmm...could run 40 miles.  Kidding.  Maybe I'll just swim and ask the coach it I can swim a 4000.

One More Important Number is 54.  That is how many days to the 2010 LA Marathon!

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