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60 Minute Friday Swim

Friday night is an interesting workout for the team.  First of all it's only an hour long and there is always a focus on something.  It changes week to week so one week you could be working on kicking and the next on flip turns.  Some weeks it is a combo of drill work and sprint work.  I have been a few times when it's all been relays.  I like going to these workouts even though I know I may not like every workout I know I leave these workouts learning something compared to those workouts when I just swim till I feel like I am going to puke.  

Warm Up

600 I mixed it up by swimming some free then backstroke then alternating drill and swim between butterfly and backstroke.

Then we went to the deep end for some deep end kicking.  5 minutes of it.  20 seconds kicking with our hands out of the water, 20 seconds  with our arms to our elbows out of the water and then 20 seconds arm in streamline.  No rest.  5 minutes.

Then we went to the middle of the pool.  From there we worked on flip turns.  The first time we  swam into the wall and did a flip turn but finish on our backs without pushing off.  The second time we swam into the wall and did a flip turn pushing off and staying on our back.  The thrid and final time pulling it all together doing a correct turn. 

Then back to the deep end.  We then did two rounds of pushing off the bottom of the deep end in streamline trying to go full force like pushing off the wall seeing how far you go out of the water.

Then we did just a 75 free working those two walls with correct turns.

Then we did the main set.  I forgot the intervals as this was many hours ago and a few glasses of wine ago.

4x50's fly down / free back

2x100's reverse im

4x50's back down / free back

2x100's im

4x50's breast / free

2x100's free on 1:20

then we did 2x50's free sprint

then a 50 warm down.  and that was it.  a quick but quality 60 minute workout.  i kid the coach about the workouts but I really do learn something every week. 


Friday night is the only night I really do the warm up.  I figure the workout is too short to mess around. 

You actually did a 600 warm-up? Having warmed up with you many times I find this hard to imagine.

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