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64 Days & Counting - Ran 10 Miles Today

Only 64 Days to the LA Marathon!  Oy!  That sounds so scary.  Only 64 days.  That is like two months.  Two months till I run the furthest I've ever run in my life.  Two months to running for over 4 hours!  I don't think I've ever done anything for 4 hours non-stop.  I don't think anything that would last 4 hours would be fun at all.  But yet here I am beginning my training.  What doesn't kill us...

10mile This morning I started off my run a bit later then I had planned.  Damn snooze button.  So after getting myself up, dressed and away from the computer I was off.  I ran up Sunset and continued on west.  Luckily it was before lunch so I had the sidewalks pretty much to myself.  I was on an okay pace.  Gotta admit the first two miles I felt a bit tired and my legs felt stiff.  But once I got past the West Hollywood part of Sunset and was in Beverly Hills it was a bit easier.  I passed the hill parts and was in the flat part of my run.  Felt better.  I continued to Will Rogers Park and looped around the park taking a break to get some water at the fountain.  Then I crossed Sunset up Crescent up to Lexington.  Turned on Lexington and ran west to the end to that street that I can never remember the name.  The name starts with a W and I run down that street as it snakes Fridayrun around the country club all the way to Wilshire.  I end up at the old Robinson's May enterance but turn on Wilshire and run on the path going back to Santa Monica.  Then continue on home east on Santa Monica.  I continued down the park stopping at two of the public water fountains to grab water.  I so need a belt and water bottle thing for my runs.  I then continued Santa Monica to La Cienega.  Then I ran up La Cienega to Fountain.  It isn't that bad of a hill but boy was I out of breath.  I then ran home on Fountain till I got to 10 miles.  I was only about three blocks from home so I walked home as my cool down. 

I so need to get running these distances more often to get ready for the marathon.  64 Days.  I think I can, I think I can...HOLY SHIT a marathon?


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