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Stroke Workout

Afternoon Lap Swim

Since I am trying to get over this cold I slept in this morning meaning I skipped swimming.  So feeling a bit better I headed over to the afternoon lap swim to get in a quick workout.  Figured if I was coughing I could pull back and take it easy.  I wrote down a workout but then decided to take it easy.  I was coughing and after yesterdays weight lifting I was feeling sore.  So glad I didn't swim with the team this morning. 

300 Swim

300 Kick

300 Pull (900)

Then I started what was going to be my main set.

200 - Free on 2:45

200 - 25 fly / 175 free on 2:50

200 - 50 fly / 150 free (600/1500)

Stopped at that point.  I was coughing and felt sore.  Decided to work on some kicking as it was easier to breath.

16x25's Kick on 30 4 free / 4 breast / 4 back / 4 fly (400/1900)

16x25's Pull on 30 4 free / 4 breast / 4 back / 4 fly (400/2300)

Then I kept the 25 theme going.

4x25's kick fly

4x25's swim fly

4x25's kick backstroke

4x25's swim backstroke

4x25's kick breaststroke

4x25's swim breaststroke

4x25's kick free

4x25's swim free (800/3100)

If I wasn't coughing I was going to do a 400 IM but decided to call it quits at 3,100 yards.  Oh well tomorrow is another day.

MTD Yardage: 9550

YTD Yardage: 9550

YTD LCM:  3150


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