500/1000/200 - My Next Meet
3.76 Miles & Some Weights Today

Aging Up and SCY Nationals

SCY Nationals are months and months away but I'll be aging up this year.  Not really a big deal.  But then I started looking at qualifying times and I noticed a trend in the times for 40-44 compared to 35-39 and 45-49.  When it comes to anything over a 200 the fastest qualifying times are in the 40-44 age group.  WHAT!  After that they start to go downhill as you get older.  Here is a look at some of the numbers included with my best times.

500 Free - 35-39 5:29.35 / 40-44 5:28.68 / 45-49 5:35.84 / My Best 5:14.22

1000 Free - 35-39 11:46.84 / 40-44 11:43.36 / 45-49 11:47.39/ My Best Don't have one.  Will after the Rose Bowl meet.

1650 Free - 35-39 20:23.32 / 40-44 20:16.76 / 45-49 20:03.41 oh wow.  but it gets slower for the 50-54 / My Best 18:06.41.

Glad I looked at these times so I have an idea of what I need to swim the 1000 in at the meet in over a week.  11:43 will be painted above my bed so I know what I need to beat!

200 Fly - 35-39 2:19.01 / 40-44 2:16.84 / 45-49 2:26.86 / My best 2:12.27

My theory doesn't hold up for some other races but for a few it was a bit of a shock to me.  I guess I just look forward to when the times are slower and I am slower!  Oh Old Age!  Of course my group may just be a fast group and as I age up they also will age up and stay fast. Doh!  I do remember reading somewhere that more men between 35-50 compete in more triathlons and marathons.  Mid life crisis or something.  This may have a little bit to do with the blip in fast times.  Either way I'm glad to be in some very fast company.  

Here are all my personal best times:

Here are all the Men Qualifying Times for 2010:



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