3.76 Miles & Some Weights Today
Running Miles 2 - 12 of The Los Angeles Marathon In Pictures

Thursday Night Swimming

Another day and another swim.  I went to swim even though I felt a bit tired.  I got in the water right away and started to swim.  Skipped my normal chit chat.

400 swim

300 pull

150 DPS (850)

Then we jumped right into the main set. 

Three Rounds:

100 Free kick 10 secs rest

100 Drill 50 / Swim 50 10 secs rest.  (drills - one arm / turn on 2 / catchup)

4x100's descend on 1:20

taking another 10 seconds or so before next round.  i gotta admit the first round hurt.  just wasn't ready to go fast.  I think my fastest 1st round was like a 1:09 with 2nd round a 1:06 and 3rd round about a 1:04.  By about I mean when i turned and looked at the clock that is what I saw.  I was feeling the weight lifting from earlier today.  OUCH! (1800/2650)

after a quick pee i just did swam 1/2 way and back instead of a 50 easy

Next up 8x75's on 1:10 extra 10 after 4th.  25 swordfish/ 50 swim (600/3250)

Then it was stroke time.

3 Rounds IM Order

50 kick / 25 drill / 25 swim.  (300/3550)

Then 3 Rounds

100 IM on 1:40

4x25's on 30 (1 round fly, then back then breast)(600/4150)

then warmed down a 100 for 4250 yards.  Overall it was a good workout and I stayed the full 90 minutes.  Don't know my next swim is going to be but running a 10 miler in the am!


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