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Monday Morning Getting Into The Swim Of Things

Day three of swimming in the new year is behind me and thank god.  In the water today I just wasn't feeling it.  I wanted to swim but at a nice and easy pace.  Even when I tried to go a bit faster I just didn't have it in me and just get slower the harder I tried to go faster.  Also I was coughing more then the last few days.  Between coughing and just not feeling so hot in the water I did get out a bit early today.  Figured it was better to live for another day. 

Warm Up

300 Pull / 100 IM / 100 Reverse IM (500)

100 fly kick / 50 back kick / 50 breast kick / 50 free kick (250/750)

3x100's 50 Drill / 50 Swim.   Fingertip drag. fist and catch up drills (3001050)

Then we did another short warm up set:

200 Distance Per Stroke (200/1250)

100 Kick (100/1350)

200 Build (200/1350)

10x50's on 40 taking an extra 15 secs after the 5th one (500/1850)

200 Distance Per Stroke (200/2050)

100 Kick (100/2150)

100 Build (100/2250)

10x50's on 40 taking an extra 1 secs after the 5th one (500/2750)

50 easy (50/2800)

Then I started to do a stroke warm up set before I decided I should get out.  I was tired, sore and coughing.  That was enough excuses for me to call it a day.  I did swim 1x100 fly broken 50 drill / 50 swim, then one like that backstroke then just a 50 (250/2950.) 

Not the best workout in the world or the best one but I got some laps in and that is enough for now.  I don't feel sick I just have a bit of a cough left.  Gonna rest up and figure out the rest of my swimming time for the week.  I'll see how I feel on a day to day basis.  Hopefully I can get some running in this week also. The best part of todays swim wasn't the swim but the sunrise.  As the deck lights went out the sun rose in between the design center on the other side of the street and with the cloulds the orange sun created a dramatic back drop to the pool.  Only wish I had a camera with me while I was swimming.

WTD Yardage:  6450

MTD Yardage: 6450

YTD Yardage: 6450

YTD LCM:  3150


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