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Double Double - Well Almost

I really am trying to get back into a regular swim routine.  For years I showed up at the same workouts like clockwork.  This past year I will admit I've had weeks when I swam a lot and some weeks when I just couldn't be bothered.  Since I made it part of my New Years Resolution to work on my distance freestyle and both butterfly and backstroke I know I need to get on a routine.  But it is winter in Los Angeles so the rain has a way of ruining the best laid plans.  Swimming in an outdoor pool isn't always going to happen in the rain.  This past week with the rain I've only swam 2 days!  I haven't been to the gym since Sunday!  SLACKER!  So after swimming this morning and with the rain stopping I tried to swim a 2nd workout today.

Got to the pool and I was all ready to swim.  I jumped in and did the 600 warmup.  Since I finished a bit early the coach had me swim another 50.  At this point I knew the workout was going to suck as the water was hot'  Not my normal I hate this warm pool water but way way too too hot.  As hot as your local crappy gym pool HOT.  The cheap thermoter that bobs around a lane line registered at 84 degrees.  But I never believe that cheap thing as it seems to read a couple degrees off from reality. 

Kick Set:




I did the 200 butterlfy, the 2x100's free and the 50's IM order. (600/1250)

Then we went into the main set.  I got out towards the end.  It was just so hot and I felt like crap.

6x50's Free on 45 (300)

4x75's IM (no free) on 1:15 (300/600)

2x100's Free on 1:20 (200/800)

and then I started to do a 200 IM when I just gave up.  It was too much!  (800/2050)  When I got out the steam just poured off of me.  Even as I got dressed the steam kept pouring off of me.  It was disgustingly hot and in my opinion unhealthy hot!

This morning I swam 3500 yards plus tonights 2050 gives me a nice daily total of 5550. 


Black line fever! You going to Cologne?

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