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The Blogosphere Reacts To USMS Swim Suit Rules

It's Raining, It's Pouring, We All Go Swimming!

TGIF.  Not only is it finally Friday but also the sun is finally back!  After swimming Tuesday night I woke up on Wednesday but the rain kept me in bed.  Then yesterday it was raining like crazy so I skipped the evening workout.  I haven't ran or hit the gym for weights since Tuesday and was getting restless.  So this morning I told myself I had to swim rain or no rain.  Woke up and could hear the rain coming down so as I layed in bed debating on getting up and I could the showers start and stop.  Figured I'd get up and go and at least try to see if we can swim.  I got to the pool and was glad that the rain had turn to a light drizzle.  One by one my fellow swim mates showed. up.  Since the pool is outdoors as well as the locker room everything was wet.  No biggie since I was going in the water but post workout was going to suck. 

Jumped in the pool and started to swim.  Don't know why but it felt like I hadn't swam in months.  For the whole workout the rain would come and go.  At times between the rain and the steam rising from the pool it was a bit difficult to see the clock or anything Photo then 10 yards away.  Also swimming backstroke in the rain sucks big time.  Therefore I did my best to work on my underwater streamlines for as long as I could go.  As for the workout itself it wasn't that bad

400 Swim

300 Pull

Then we started a warm up set.  4 Rounds IM Order

100 Kick on 2 mins

2x50's Drill on 60 (800/1500)

Then we did a little bit more warmup before our main set.  But what was it.  Shit.  I know it was 4 Rounds with 4x25's on 30.  Doh.  Oh well don't remember so that was it unless I remember. (400/1900)

50 easy (50/1950)

Main Set:

Four Rounds IM Order (see a pattern)

100 Easy Free on 1:20

100 IM on 1:30

4x50's on 50 with breaststroke on 55.  The last round of free we only had enough room to do 3x50's.  (1550/3500)  Hopefully over the weekend I will get in one swim and one good long run.  Gotta workout before the next week of rain comes to LA.


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