January's Last Chance Workout
Killer Abs & Arms = Interesting Workout

January's Last Chance Swim Practice

Wowser.  Wowser.  That was one tough but incredible workout.  I can't remember when my body felt like it does now.  I am sore and swam to failure but all in a good way.  People were dropping out of the workout in all the lanes.  I wanted to but I really had to push myself.  I went into my distance swim mentality and dug in to the end.  I may have cursed the workout while swimming it but really I'll be happy I did this workout down the line. 

Warmed Up

400 I guess.  I goofed off, everone showed up late so the extended how long warm up was so I talked some more.  I was in a chatty mood.

Warm Up Set:

3x100's Kick on 1:55 (25 stroke / 75 free)

3x100's Drill (25 stroke drill choice / 25 catch up / 25 finger tip drag / 25 fist) don't remember the interval


3x50's (then swim a 25 to the other end 850/1250)

Main Freestyle Set -

Four Rounds (I think it was four.  It felt like 400)

2x25's on 20 just make interval

2x50's on 55 2nd one faster then the 1st

2x75's on 55 just maker interval

2x100's on 1:25 I think.  2nd one faster then 1st

The set was pretty much continious.  People dropped out like flies.  The 25's and 75's were tight intervals.  I was getting 1-3 seconds rest.  I really pushed myself on the 2nd 100's.  I felt like my arms were going to fail me but I dug in.  I will admit to do really bad flip turns and using that as a moment to rest.  The very last 100 I really gave it my all or what I had left.  At one point I sorta forgot that you breath when your mouth is out of the water and not when it's back in the water.  Simple stuff just began to fail. 

I gotta admit I did want to give up during the 1st round.  The short rest between the 25's and 75's were breaking me down mentally.  It's odd I can swim distance sets without a problem.  Give me a 500 or a 1000 and not a problem.  I just get in the mindset and just go.  But give me something broken to small segments with little rest and I just mentally give up.  After the first round I had to make it a game like swimming a distance event and that really worked.  During the 100's I really dug in like it was my last 100 of a 1500.  It payed off. (2000/3250)

After a 75 easy it was time for one more set.   This was the point of the workout my body went into failure.  After weights this morning my arms gave out.  I still finished the set but I stopped worring about the intervals cuz' it just slipped by me.

5x100's on 1:40.  Sounds easy huh?  But wait, theres more...Fly / Free / Free / Fly by 25.  Still easy huh?  Oh but theres even more.  At each 75 get out and do 5 pushups on deck.  So basically it's do 5 pushups do the last 25 fly and then swim the next lap of the next 100 fly again.  A few times my arms barely made it out of the water.  It was my body completly breaking down.  And I loved it. (500/3750)

And that was it plus a 100 warmdown for 3850 yards.  Great workout.  I cursed and hated it while doing it but I liked it.  Nothing is better then feeling pain, feeling broken down but have the satisfaction that you did it and stuck it out.  Now I am going to curl up in my bed.

Since it is the end of the month here are the month and year to date totals from swimming:

MTD/YTD SCY 46,750

MTD/YTD LCM 3,150 (that was one workout)


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