New Monthly Nike+ Recorded Miles
January's Last Chance Swim Practice

January's Last Chance Workout

This morning I woke up bright and early and headed for the gym.  I took the scenic route to the gym with a Nike+ reported run of 3.03 miles.  The gym was pretty empty at 6:55am Gymrat_bigwhich was nice.  This gym visit earned me my Gym Rat status using Foursquare's iPhone app.  If you don't know what Foursquare is it's like Twitter/Friendfeed but you check in at physical locations that you visit earning badges and stuff.  It's fun.  I don't check in everywhere everytime but when I do remember I try to log in.  I only wish it was a Gym Bunny badge instead of a Gym Rat.  Oh well a badge is a badge, which is meaningless anyways.

After my time at the gym working on abs, chest and arms it was time to run.  The only thing was that for some reason I had to take 3 trips to the restroom at the gym and then moments into my run I had to pee again.  Ugh!  I so wasn't enjoying this run.  I ran from the gym to La Cienega up to Sunset and then Sunset west.  I stopped at the Will Rogers Park to take a pee break then I decided to give up and just run home.  I figured all the water I drank pre-workout and at the gym was just going to make this run horrible.  This run was logged in on Nike+ as 7.73 miles.  So my total running today via Nike+ was 10.76 miles.  Bringing my monthly total to 124.97!  Smashing my old most mileage in a month record.  I had hoped to run longer today but I'll make up for it over the next week.  So need to keep on my LA Marathon training adding a mile or so a week.  48 Days to the LA Marathon and counting!


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