Double Double - Well Almost
Running The Back 14.2 Miles of the 2010 LA Marathon #lamarathon

Sunday's Swim Report / Things I Might Have Missed

1.  A million years ago as an age group swimming I remember wearing Arena swim Arena_shark01 suits.  When I restarted swimming almost 20 years later it seemed like Arena had vanished from the swimming world.  That was then and this is now as Arena is back in the water in the US.  Seems Arena is taking on the Speedo at the NCAA level - "Auburn athletics and Arena, one of the world’s leading sports swimwear companies, have reached an agreement which will provide the Auburn men’s and women’s swim programs with swimwear and other equipment for the next four years." LINK

2. Gold Medal Mel interviews fellow swim great Glen Mills of GoSwim.  Read the funny and interesting article at the Gold Medal Mel Blog LINK

3.  Swimming World reports that "FINA Bureau Votes to Keep Swimming World Records" LINK

Custom_1264270979598_beijing-2008-the-official-video-game-screenshot22 4.  In sorta swimming news the video game blog Kotaku talks about "The Problem(s) with Olympic Video Games" LINK.  As a game player I gotta say most of them all suck!  I know Mario and Sonic At the Summer Games isn't suppose to be like real swimming.  On the Wii the swimming is frustrating.  But the other sports are fun even if they hold nothing close to the reality of anything related to sports.

5. Rob of RobAquatics asks "It's Almost the End of January... Have You Signed Up for GTD?" LINK.  It's a fun little challenge for USMS Swimmers to see who can swim the furthest. 


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