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Tuesday's Swim Report / 8 Things I Might Have Missed

Recovery Rain Day

Before going to bed last night I checked the hour by hour forecast to see if I should even bother to set my alarm.  Since rain was predicted for the early morning I didn't bother.  Waking up around 10am I noticed that the rain wasn't here yet.  Doh!  So I quickly got my gym stuff together after eating breakfast and ran to the gym.  As I was running the short run I felt some rain. 

Rainrun Got to the gym which was really busy today and did some weights.  I wasn't feeling it so I didn't spend a long time at the gym.  Then stopped at the shake place downstairs and was going to sit and enjoy my shake.  But then the rain came!  Doh!  So I grabbed my stuff and ran right home.  No long run just right home.  I will admit my legs feel a bit sore today so recovery day is needed. 

So the run to and back from the gym gave me a bit of mileage in my month quest.  This month I am at 88.64 miles.  Getting closer day by day to my all time most miles in a month.  I will do it!  Planning at least a 10 mile run on Thursday.  My plan is to take the bus on Sunet to to about mile 3 of the LA Marathon and run the course.  The first mile or so is in the Dodger Stadium parking lot and I believe they have that all locked up on non-game day.  So I'll start on mile 3 and run past home and loop back.  But right now is only the plan.  Things could change.


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