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Running Miles 2 - 12 of The Los Angeles Marathon In Pictures

After running from mile 12 to the finish line last weekend it was time to see the route from the other end.  Well almost.  The 2010 Los Angeles Marathon starts up at the parking lot of Dodgers Stadium which I've been told you are not allowed to access so I started on the street around mile 2.  I had a bit of a late start and since I live a bit after mile 12 I figured I'd take a bus to mile 2 and run home.  I missed my first bus and then totally underestimated how long it would take me via the bus.  My start was a bit later then I wanted it to be.  Doh!

Here is the 2010 LA Marathon Route to Mile 12...

Mile 1 In Dodger Stadium old outer ring roadway, in line with signpost “G” on L side.

 Photo(2)  Photo(3) 

I started at the turn from Elysian Park Ave and Sunset.  Above you can see a pictures with a view of the north and south of the corner.  This is the easy part of the race.  It is the first mile after all.

Mile 2 On Sunset Blvd, L side, at light pole across from #1218 (3rd light pole N of Marion Ave).
Shortly you come up to mile two!  Keep on running on Sunset till it becomes Cesar Chavez.  Since it is Sunset and was rush hour-ish I stayed on the sidewalk but the street looked pretty good for running.

Mile 3 On Cesar Chavez, L side, at light pole NE corner New High St.

I missed the mile marker hello Chinatown.  Time for Dim Sum!  For miles I kept passing great places that I have eaten and even after eating a breakfast I was hungry!  Don't believe the foodie snobs LA has some great places to eat.  Many along the marathon route.  So if you are not going to run you can steal watch while you chow down!


I had to make a quick restroom stop and luckily they let me in at El Pueblo De Los Angeles.  Thanks security for helping me out!  Took a picture of Olveria Street closed up.  Then another one of Union Station.

quickly backtracking a bit back to turn on Main Street.

5KM On Main St, R side, next to traffic signal box embedded in sidewalk ~50 yds W of Cesar Chavez.


During the day this place is filled with people and music.  This whole block of Olveria Street and El Pueblo De Los Angeles is a definate place for tourist and locals.  

So keep running on Main to 1st at the Death Star or Star Destroyer.  Anyways it's a big "green" building that looks like something from the Empire.

Then to Grand.  Oh that hill on Main is the first hill of the marathon and not the last.  I gotta get some more hill running in!  I think this is one spot people may begin to falter a bit.

Mile 4 On Grand Av, R side, at palm tree across from #165 (entrance to Music Center Banquet Hall).

A bit of culture on the run.  When you run up the hill on 1st you'll see the Disney Concert Hall to your left at the turn on to Grand.  Then turn right after on Temple.  Running on Temple to E. Edgeware Road then turning on Edgeware then on to Bellevue.  If you do run this as a training run you are near the highway with crosswalks at the on and off ramps.  Be Careful!  I waited at every crosswalk and still had a few drivers pretend I was target practice.

Mile 5 On Bellevue Ave, R side, before Douglas St, at #1331 driveway.

Took a picture of the ground cars were parked on both sides of the mile marker. Plus the view is the highway and traffic.  Joy Joy!  Cough Cough!

At another highway offramp was this empty itty bitty pool right besides the highway.  Must be fun swimming with all the exhaust fumes about 5 feet away.  Marco Cough Polo!

Echo Park.  Turning on Glendale and running along Echo Park.  Then up to Park at the fork in the road.  Due to crosswalks I had to run a bit of a maze but it'll be a short turn on a short hill for a bit.

At one of my favorite restaurants Taix I turned on Sunset.  For the next 5 miles or so it's just one restaurant after another.  Later on in Hollywood is a great little Thai restaurnat that has a Thai Elvis and Thai Karen Carpenter.  In between in Silverlake are great coffee shops and breakfast places.  A few good Mexican places that are very lively in food and in spirits.

Mile 6 On Sunset Blvd, R side, at traffic light pole NW corner Alvarado St.

10KM On Sunset Blvd, R side, at 6th parking meter past Waterloo St (meter #188).


Mostly just traffic for a mile or so.  Sidewalks were not so fun with a bit of a mudslide from the rains at one point.  

Mile 7 On Sunset Blvd, R side, ~100 yds before Micheltorena, at wood power pole E side of #3319.

Just another restaurant that I have enjoyed in the past.  I didn't take pictures of all the places I've eaten at or I would have been walking and not running.  But for all you athletic supporters can come on out cheer and eat afterwards!  It's a bit after mile 7.

Mile 8 On Sunset Blvd, R side, 30 yds before Sunset Dr.

Here is the historic Vista.  It's after the mile 8 mark.  I took pictures of the mile markers but how many pictures of green paint of pavement can one want to see?

Mile 9 On Hollywood Blvd, R side, ~30 yds past Winona Blvd, at driveway for #5155.

15KM On Hollywood Blvd, R side, just before Western Ave, 20 yds before drive entrance to Ross/ Ralphs shopping plaza, at storefront “E”.

Mile 10 On Hollywood Blvd, R side, at E edge of driveway for #5955 (Florentine Gardens).

More concrete before hitting Hollywood.  I was more captivated by the police helicopter flying in circles above.  Tried to take a few pictures but they didn't come out to well.

You can see the famous Capital Records building in the distance as I get closer to the center of Hollywood.  It was still pretty early so I didn't have to run in between too many tourist.  The closer I got to the Mann's Chinesse Theatre the more people I ran into.  Luckily on LA Marathon day they will be on the sidewalk while we take over the streets!

I see dead people!

Hollywood and Vine.  Once the center of Hollywood now the center of tourism for the city.  This will be fun running along.  I love running at races when the streets are closed off.  When I run on my own I am always dotting in between cars and people.  So I can't wait to just run and enjoy the views.

Mile 11 On Hollywood Blvd, R side, at light pole NW corner McCadden Pl.

This picture isn't the exact spot but I was dodging tourist and missed the mile marker.  But you can see part of Spiderman.  The folks who are dressed up as the characters are an interesting bunch.  Check out the documentary about these folks called "Confessions of a Superhero".  It's interesting to say the least.  

Mile 12 On Sunset Blvd, R side, at NE corner Vista St.

Ahh...pavement.  There is a cafe right here on the corner so you can sit back eat and cheer people on.  Come on!  So that concludes this mornings run.  It was a bit over 10 miles.  Lot's of fun.  Thinking I'd like to eat my way along the course sometime.  The route took me longer then I expected but that was traffic and a few detours for crosswalks. 

For more infomation on the 2010 LA Marathon check out  I copied the mile marker info from the site.  Lot's of great information on the route with maps and pictures on the official site.  Only 50 more days!  Get Running!


Thank you so much!! I'm coming out to run LA but am doing all my training here in snowy, cold, Indiana!! These photos of the route are hugely helpful!!

A little bit of running and picture taking.  I wanted to take pictures of this run but sometimes when just out running I see stuff I need to take a pix of.


you are running or going on a photo-taking spree?

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