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Running The Back 14.2 Miles of the 2010 LA Marathon #lamarathon

55 Days to the 2010 LA Marathon.  What the hell did I get myself into?  I said I was going Photo(10)to do it so that means I must start training for the run.  I went to and looked at the map to see the different mile points.  Since mile 12 was super close to where I live I decided I'd start at 12 and run the route to the very end.  14.2 miles!  I was tempted to actually start at the beach and run home but I knew one of my ways would be via bus and the Sunday bus doesn't start to later so I ran to the beach.

I walked from my house to the 12 mile marker and I was regretting wearing a sleeveless running shirt and shorts as it was cold.  I could see my own breath it was that cold.  This is LA and it's not suppose to be this cold.  Damnit!  The LA Marathon folks marked each mile with green mile markers all along the run.  I did see most of them.  Some I couldn't find and some well I ran right by.  The thing about the route is that while on race day we will be running on the streets I had to run on sidewalks and deal with walkers, crosswalks, sidewalks that don't exactly go with the main route due to traffic issues and other hazzards.  So I didn't find all the mile markers but did find most of them and the others had my mile marker list from the website.  So let's run!

Mile 12 On Sunset Blvd, R side, at NE corner Vista St.


A tad after the Rock n' Roll Ralphs on Sunset and right at Sam Ash Music Store.  This is the Rock N' Roll part of the Los Angeles area.  Instead of Silverlake wannabe hipsters or the Downtown artist loft hipsters these are the Rock N' Roll hipsters.  I don't care for my neighbors much.  But it's a great mile to be running!  Hopefully my neighbors won't read this post and will come and cheer me on!

Mile 13 On Sunset Blvd, L side, just before Roxbury, 9 yds before #8228 (National Lampoon World Headquarters)


You are now entering the Sunset Strip!  You'll notice the sign still does read National Lampoon but I'm pretty sure they are no longer there.  Didn't pay rent for months.  Read it on some gossip website.  So don't be looking for the sign in March as it may no longer be there.  But this is basically the start of the famous Sunset Strip.

½ way On Sunset Blvd, R side, at 3rd parking meter E of Sweetzer Ave. (meter #SS8231)


The one and only car parked on Sunset was the one right at the 1/2 way mark of the LA Marathon.  Notice how organized and precise the LA Marathon folks are having it down to the exact parking meter.  Amazing! 

Mile 14 On Sunset Blvd, R side, past Horn Ave., next to stairs for #8801 (Live on Sunset).

The last bit of running on Sunset.  Right before the turn down San Vicente.  And almost as the shell of what once was a Tower Records location.  Remember Tower Records?  I guess video didn't kill the radio star but the internet did.  You also can tell it is pretty early on a Sunday as there is no traffic on Sunset!

Below is just a picture of a turn from Santa Monica Blvd onto Doheny at the Beverly Hills line.


The run is down San Vicente turning on to Santa Monica and running east towards Doheny.  So that means all your folks in West Hollywood need to come out and not only cheer me on but everyone.  Grab your Starbucks coffee and cheer!!!!!!

Mile 15 On Doheny Dr, R side, just past Rangely Ave., across from #466.


Here is one of my favorite streets to run down, Doheny.  It's usually empty and the sidewalks are flat and wide.  Plus it is framed perfectly for photos by Palm Trees.  Hello, Los Angeles!

25KM On Burton Way, E-bound side, next to manhole just past turn from Doheny.

Mile 16 On Burton Way, L side, at alleyway between Alpine Dr and Rexford Dr, at manhole.

Doh!  I sorta missed those markers.  The 25K I just didn't see and well instead of Rexford I was thinking Roxbury so I ran past it.  Pulled out my iPhone and used the mapping function only to realized I had past it.

But I did get a few pix on Rodeo. 


The picture is dark but I ran past a photo shoot on Rodeo Drive.  One Audi and one Rolls Royce. 

Mile 17 On Wilshire Blvd, R side, even with center of McCarthy Dr intersect.


Wilshire is a ghost town on Sunday mornings.  Perfect day to run!  One of the benefits of running in the morning is that you can run and run without too many people mulling about and cars so you can jaywalk or jayrun. 

Mile 18 On (big) Santa Monica Blvd W-bound, R side, 3 yds before 2nd light pole counting E from Century Park W.

Let's Go Shopping!  The Century City Mall.  After the Grove opened and before the major remodel of this mall it was a hidden gem of shopping in LA.  Now that they we did the mall it's a great mall but is now busier.  Good for the retailers not so good for folks who hate shopping in crowds like me. 

30KM On Santa Monica Blvd W-bound, R side, just past Westholme St, in Metro stop, 5 yds before “Metro” signpost.

I don't think the KM are marked on the street.  I ran back and forth and walked about looking for the marking.  But I took a pix of the area.  Then ran on the southern side of the street which went sorta below street level.

Mile 19 On Santa Monica Blvd W-bound, R side, 16 yds before “Malcolm Ave” street signpost.


I am below Santa Monica but at Malcom Ave.  I ran along this sidestreet till I was back on Santa Monica and crossed back over to the other side.

Mile 20 On Ohio Ave, R side, 39 yds before Sawtelle Blvd.

Doh!  I ran past this mark.  And ran.  And doh!  Then ran back and found the 20 mile marker.  The rain seemed to have taken it's toll on the paint job.  A bit after the 20 mile mark the run turns into the Veteren's Administration Park.  It's really nice with great views of the area.

You can't tell it in this photo but lots of folks were running, walking and cycling in the park.  I never realized it was open for running.  Definatly will keep it in mind for future runs. 

Coming up is a cool bridge/tunnel.  I stopped and took a few pictures of the paintings inside.

Depending on the temp and sunshine on race day this will be a nice piece of shade on the run.  But when running on your own after this bridge is an off ramp that has a stop sign but I noticed some drivers thought the stop sign was only a suggestion.  So when on a training run keep that in mind.

Mile 21 In VA grounds, on Eisenhower Ave, L half, 10 yds before E crosswalk to Wadsworth Theatre.

The Wadsworth Theatre.  It's pretty nice as I've been to a screening there before.  Years ago, think it was Cold Mountain.  All I remember is that after at a wine reception seeing Nicole Kidman and thinking "wow, she's tall".  I ran around looking for the mile market to no avail.  Just continued on.

Here is a bit of Brentwood History

Nicole Brown Simpson had her last meal here.  It's now just a coffee shop. 

35KM On San Vicente Blvd E-bound, R side, ~50 yds past Montana Ave.

Mile 22 On San Vicente Blvd E-bound, L side, just past Bundy Dr, 10 yds past “Bus Stop” sign.

Brentwood is made for runners.  And cyclist also.  The median in the middle was full of runners and walkers.  The closer I got to the beach the more runners that ran past me.  Hey I am on mile 10 here!  The sun was out but the temp was still low.  I was in runners heaven.  I keep saying I want out of WeHo and move to Santa Monica but now I'm thinking Brentwood.  Of course either one of those requires me to win lottery so just a pipe dream.

Mile 23 On San Vicente Blvd E-bound, L side, 8 yds past hydrant SE corner at 26th St intersect.

The Team In Training Group had a water station set up.  This is where the path started to get busy.  Also kept seeing cyclers and cycling groups zooming by.  Besides Veterens Administration I gotta remember Brentwood for my running routes.  San Vicente is a perfect place to run.  Also I noticed a Farmers Market.  Maybe run and shopping are in my future in Brentwood. 

Mile 24 On San Vicente Blvd E-bound, L side, ~125 yds past 14th St, at W edge of driveway for #1238.

This is the general area of mile Mile 24.  Once again perfection!

40KM On San Vicente Blvd E-bound, L side, past 4th St, in line with E edge of #220.

Mile 25 On San Vicente Blvd E-bound, L side, 3 yds before 2nd light pole counting back from Ocean Ave.

Once again this is sorta around mile 25.  Basically it's at the crosswalk at the intersection of Ocean Ave and Santa Monica Blvd.  I climbed up on the wall and snapped the photo.  One of the cycling groups were resting and refueling next to me.  The rest of the run in on Ocean Blvd.  Passed people walking, rollerbladding, runnng and just being active.  Even passed a group doing Yoga.  God I love Santa Monica! 

1Mi to go On Ocean Ave, R side, between Marguerita Ave and Alta Ave, at parking meter #510

Mile 26 On Ocean Ave, R side, just past Wilshire, at bus stop, 2 yds past “Metro 20″ signpost.

Ahhh...tourist bus! 

Taking this photo got me some crazy looks.  Since most of the run I was pretty much by myself no one wondered why this guy was hunched over in the street taking pictures of the road.  But here in SaMo the folks looked puzzled at me.  Once again running along Ocean Ave with the Pacific on your side is the most amazing place to run in the world. 

Finish On Ocean Ave, at NW edge of crosswalk at Santa Monica Blvd.

No need for the police escort home officers I'll be okay.  The end!  This is the 26.2 Mile Mark or for my run today the 14.2 Mile Mark. The run might have been a bit more then that as I over shot a few turns and was running back and forth looking for a few markers. 

The last or backend 14.2 Miles was a nice run.  Can't wait to run the other 12 miles!  Over the next 2 months of my training I will break up the marathon route to smaller routes.  Running and blogging the different parts of the run.  I've seen a few other runner bloggers start doing it also and it's been fun reading those post.  So keep coming back as I train for the 2010 Los Angeles Marathon!


Thanks for the tour!!!! The road looks to be cambered in a number of spots...that helps me plan to run towards the middle where it appeared to be flatter.


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