Quick Slideshow of Today's 13.1 Los Angeles Run
Wow. Even a pig can out run me?

Some Nights It's Not Even Worth It

I slept in a little bit this morning missing the morning workouts.  Well not really.  I did wake up and then decided to roll back over and skip the 6am workout.  Then at 7am I woke up again and decided that I'd skip the 7:15am as well.  Figuring I'd skip the morning and swim at the 7pm.  I do know that the 7pm is normally a hard workout and really felt like I was ready to push myself a bit harder then I have been.  I actually talked myself up a bit to do the workout.  I started the warm up nice and easy,  400 Swim followed by a 300 Pull.  Started the kick portion but got in only a 100.  After the coach talked about all the coaching stuff it was time to start the warm up set.  Right off the bat I was getting that sinking feeling that I'd be sinking to the bottom of the pool.  But I went 2nd in the lane and tried to hold my own.

1x75 Butterfly Kick on 1:20

50 Butterfly Drill on 60

2x75's Backstroke Kick on 1:20

50 Backstroke Drill on 60

3x75's Breaststroke Kick on 1:20 (pretty much was nonstop for me)

50 Breaststroke Drill on 60

4x75's Freestyle Kick on 1:20 (missed a 50 for a pee break)

50 Free Drill

Then we did a 50 easy.  So that was 1,000 plus the 800 warm up for 1800 yards minus 50 for peeing so 1750.  One of my lane mates got out.  Which wasn't so shocking.  I always try to swim in his lane as I know he usually gets out early.  One less swimmer for later.  As we were about to start our main set I tried to get one of the fast swimmers to move over to lead out lane.  But for whatever reason no one wanted to.  Of course they only had about 5 seconds before starting the set to decide.  So for the beginning of the main set it was me and 1 other swimmer.

Main Set:

3x100's Free on 1:20.  Easy enough interval.  But for some reason the other guy in my lane was only able to do the first 100 then sat out a 50 of the next 100.  Doh! So that was 300 more yards for me.  Then after the 3rd 100 on 1:20 we went right into what was to be 3x200's IM.  I went and did my first 200 IM.  I noticed that the other swimmer in my lane took off the 50 fly.  Hmm...maybe he is getting out now.  But after my turn into back he was off the wall and on my feet finishing the rest of the IM.  The coach then moved over paddle man over to our lane as I was about to start the next 200 IM.  I have issues with "paddle man" and do my very best not to swim in his lane.  I'm sure he know's this and does the same.  Basically "paddle man" attends our workouts from time to time and only swims freestyle with these huge wing like paddles.  I swear each paddle is the size of my Fiat 124 Spyder.  So on the second 200 IM I'm on my own for the 50 fly as everyone just waits by the wall.  I am off to the backstroke and I got someone chomping on my feet.  After the backstroke I just got out.  So I did another 100 yards.  So total of this set 600 yards! 

I put on a bit of a tantrum letting the coach now I was a bit pissed.  He seemed not to care.  So guess it's okay that I was the only one doing the set.  And I know I should only worry about myself and put in my 100 and not let others bother me.  But when I'm working my ass off and feeling pain it sucks to see others not doing what we are supose to do.  Hell if I can swim breaststroke you fuckin' can do the whole 200 IM too.  My breaststroke not only sucks but with my bad knee each kick is a pain.  I've come over after swim practice in so much pain from swimming breaststroke that I take pain kills just to be able to walk.  It pisses me off to the nth degree!  What hurts me personally about this was tonights coach.  A month or two ago I posted about this coach.  We were doing a kick set and I was missing the interval.  Pretty much other swimmers were cheating to make the interval but since it was just a warm up set I was like whatever I'll sit out a 50,  Just a note about sitting out a 50 in warm up is not the same as sitting out in the main set.  Warm up is warm up.  Plus I wasn't making the interval cuz' I can't kick and kicking is pretty pointless.  Oh so back during this coaches workout as I was sitting out a 50 kick he came over to me and said something to the effect of "I'm tired and I really can't deal with any attitude tonight.  Is this workout that hard for you to comprehend?"  I replied that no it's just that I'm not making the interval.  So then he asked the another swimmer if the interval was too hard who then answered no.  So whatever.  We continued on that interval and I just kept kicking and missing intervals and fell behind a bit.  But tongiht he let these people sit out butterfly or just swim free with paddles and it's okay.  I sit out a 50 warm up kick and I get talked to.  So no more Monday nights of Friday morning workouts for him.  Going to do my best and avoid going to his workouts.  That way I can have peace of mind and continue loving to swim.  Okay done with my rant.  I think that was my first wine free rant ever for this blog.  Time to pour a glass.

Oh and workout for me was 2350 yards.

MTD Yards 18,550

YTD Yards 18,550

YTD LCM 3,150

Finally after swimming I used all my anger as energy for a bike ride home! 


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