Afternoon Lap Swim
Friday's Swim Report / Things I Might Have Missed

Stroke Workout

Tonight I biked over the the gym closest to the pool to do back to back workouts.  At the gym I did my circuit weight program working on chest and arms with a bit of legs thrown in for fun.  Since I went to the West Hollywood 24 Hour Fitness I sorta skipped around a bit in my routine as it's smaller and has less equipment then the newer Hollywood location.  But it's blocks from the pool so it was a compromise I had to make for tonight.  So after about 45 minutes of my weight training I headed a few blocks to the pool. 

On Thursday nights we get to pick a stroke or free workout.  Looking at how the lanes started to fill up on the freestyle side I jumped in the stroke lane.  It might not have been the best choice but I dealt with it.  The workout wasn't as bad as one of my lane mates who I try to avoid swimming with but tonight I just had to swim and just deal with it.

Warmed Up

300 Mixed (coach had a 400 on the board but since I was chit chatting earlier I decided I wanted to move on with the warm up) (300)

200 Kick (at this point the other two lane mates and I were all at the same point since they just started to kick when I did) (200/500)

400 IM 50 Drill / 50 Swim (at the 200 mark the coach held us all up for annoucements and what not.  at this point we now had 4 people in the lane.  1 person was late so as two of us started our 2nd half of the 400 the new person just swam free while the 1 other person decided he didn't want to do breaststroke and skipped right ahead to free.) (400/900)

4x75's IM Order 25 Pull / 50 Swim.  For whatever reason I just assumed our lane would some how all regroup and start this together.  But that didn't happen.  Two of us continued after completed our 400 IM.  The late swimmer started a bit later about after we were into our 2nd 75.  The other swimmer who skipped a 100 of the 400 IM just plowed ahead and went right into the 4x75's  After this part our lane regouped again before staring the main set.  (300/1200)

Main Set:

2 Rounds -

200 broken by 50's.  Taking 10 seconds rest between each 50 all on 3:45

200 broken by 100's.  Taking 15 seconds rest betweene ach 100 all of 3:30

200 on 3:15 but taking 30 seconds rest before the 2nd round so really on 3:45.

Round 1 was to be all one stroke and my lane did backstroke.  Round 2 was choice or you could do IM.  I did backstroke, 1 swimmer did IM, 1 swimmer did some back and free combo out of laziness and the last swimmer did 2 of the 200's IM and stood at the wall for a 150 of the last 200.  It was a bit annoying.  (1200/2400)

easy 50 (50/2450)

3x50's on 60 switchups fly/back, back/breast and breast free (150/2600)

Then our lane was down to 2 swimmers.  Funny but we both then ended at the same time at the next set.  I actually get along with this swimmer as he is no-nonsense and just does the set.  Plus he's fast and leads the lane.

Two Rounds -

100 Broken by 25's on 30

100 Broken by 50's on 60

100 Swim.  Forgot the interval.

Did round one butterfly and round two backstroke.  Then that was it.  (600/3200)  If we had stayed there was 3 more rounds (breast, free and im.)  Oh I did a 50 warmdown for 3,250 yards.

As for tomorrow I wasn't planning on swimming in the am but sorta thinking I might.  Setting my alarm so if I wake up I'll go and if I hit snooze then I can swim tomorrow night.  Who knows.

MTD Yardage: 12,800

YTD Yardage: 12,800

YTD LCM:  3150


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