Here's Mud In Your Run!
U.S. Masters Swimming Statement on Swimsuits: Emergency Rule Change January 20, 2010

Swimming In Faux Clouds

After my run this morning the clouds unleashed a hell of a storm over LA.  Rain, rain and more rain in between loud bangs called "thunder".  By mid-afternoon the rain moved inland and the sun peaked out.  Checking the hour by hour forecast I decided it was safe to head out into the world and swim at the 7pm swim practice. 

Once I got to the pool I could see the steam rise out of the pool which meant the pool was going to be warmer then hell itself.  81 Degrees was what the lifeguard said was the current water temp but looking at the steam I knew that was wrong.  I got in the pool Dpxl right away and started to warm up.  The water was warm but I figured I would do my usual chit chatting and get the warm up out of the way.

400 Swim

Then it was time for the warm up set.  Each coach has his or her own way of assigning warmup.  Some just give us a 600 or 10 minutes.  That way people just swim and hold up about 10 minutes then start the workout.  But lately the Tuesday night workouts have a given warm up.  Which becomes a pain cuz everyone gets in at different times and some people are determind to do whatever they want.  Which just gets annoying at time.

The next part of warm up was the following- 4 Rounds of

50 free kick

50 swordfish

50 Drill (one arm, turn on 3, fist and catchup)

50 Swim

Since I did the set according to what given I actually did 2 rounds and started my 3 to we regrouped.  Regrouping meant we started again but luckily only at the 2nd round.  So this warm up set turned out to be 1050 yards plus the 400 for a 1450 warmup.

Main Free Set:

200 Pulling

400 Swim

200 Pull

4x100's on 1:15

taking 15 seconds between each part of the set.  The 200 pulling was easy.  The 400 should have been but at the 250 mark I lapped the 3rd person in the lane.  For the rest of the 400 I was on the feet of the 2nd person in the lane.  He never let me pass so swimming was fucked up.  I had to widen my stroke entry so I wouldnt be hitting his feet at every stroke.  So annoying.  This set was 1200 yards for a total of 2650.  We then did a 100 easy.  Well I did a 50 with a quick pee break for 2700 yards.

We then did 8x50's on 45 taking an extra 15 seconds after the 4th one.  (400/3100)

Then it was time to switch to stroke from free.  We did 3 Rounds of 100 kick / 50 drill / 50 swim.  I did them all backstroke.  (600/3700)

Main Stroke Set:  Four Rounds -

100 on 1:40

2x50's one of 50 and one on 60

4x25's on 30 then take an extra 10 seconds

I did three rounds backstroke and the last round butterfly.  Boy did the butterfly hurt.  But in a good way.  I will admit between running and weight training today this swim really was a hard one.  Typing it out it doesn't seem hard but it was.  (1200/3900)

To finish it off I did a 100 warmdown to make the workout 4,000 yards.  I haven't swam this hard in ages.  It felt good and with more rain coming over the next few days who knows when I will swim again. 


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