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Tuesday's Swim Report / Things I Might Have Missed

This Week's The Biggest Loser News Round Up

Normally when I do my sorta-daily swimming news roundup I add a weekly Tuesday review of The Biggest Loser news.  But starting today I'm giving the show it's only little post.  Mostly cuz' I love the show and making it my mission to make everyone as addicted to the show as I am.  Hell I tivo'ed the one hour QVC Biggest Loser show selling overpriced food steamers.  So here are this weeks The Biggest Loser links -

Biggest-loser-season9-456wy010810 1.  After last weeks season opener of The Biggest Loser in which 5 contestants puked after a workout the That's Fit blog asks: "Does Vomiting Equal a Better Workout?" LINK.  Personally I've puked many times over the years when working out and have seen people puking at swim meets, 5Ks, 10Ks, 1/2 Marathons and even at my local gym.  So when the article says that puking doesn't happen very often in the real world you gotta take it with a pound of salt. 

2.  That's Fit recaps Episode 1 of Season 9 of The Biggest Loser in case you missed last weeks' episode LINK.  The other week Bravo replayed the season of The Biggest Loser without Jillian and I got to admit I missed her so much.  So glad she's back once again for Season 9!

3.  Former Biggest Loser contestant Erik Chopin gained his weight back and talks to That's Fit about his new show on Discovery Health LINK.  You might have seen Erik on Oprah discussing YoYo dieting last year.

4. Jillian, Jillian, Jillian!  I've never been a fan of all those detox diet plans so it was interesting to read FitSugar post about "JumpStart 14 Day Cleanse and Burn, a detox system endorsed by trainer Jillian Michaels" LINK.  Still not a fan of these products but 88f7b824687a7fc0_jm if it works for you then fine otherwise just eat healthier and drink more water.

5.  Jillian Michael's is a mini-excercise empire with video games workout dvd's and website.  That's Fit reviews her latest DVD "30 Day Shred" LINK.  I've tried to watch workout videotapes and the on-demand workouts but just never stick to it.  To me nothing beats going to an organized workout class at a gym or studio.

6.  Getting motivated to work out is hard for everyone.  Fit Sugar points out that "Even Jillian Michaels Has a Hard Time Motivating to Work Out" LINK.  Although Jillian is payed millions of dollars to workout and keep in shape.  For the rest of us we spend millions to get in shape and look good.  So it's a little bit different. 

Next week I'll try to find some more news feature Bob.  Hey gotta get some eyecandy in these posts!  Be sure to tune into NBC tonight to watch The Biggest Loser.  And once Jay Leno moved out of 10pm you can watch the show 5 nights a week.  Kidding.  But I wouldn't be suprised to see 3 hours on Tuesdays!  Oh and don't forget the new show "Law & Order: Biggest Loser Unit"!

but wait there's more...

7.  These all sound like common sense but one more news bit "Biggest Loser Ali’s Skinny Tricks" LINK


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