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Thursday Night Stroke Workout

Earlier today I told myself that I'd swim tonight for the full 90 minutes and put 100 effort into the full time.  But then when I heard KogiBBQ would be a few short blocks from the pool I decided that 60 minutes was enough time for swimming.  Swimming starts at 7 and Kogi was only from 7 to 9.  And if the lines are busy they stop taking orders.  Between showering and walking I might miss out on Kogi if I swim for 90 minutes.  So 60 minutes of swimming would have to be enough for me.  But then again who am I kidding the last few swims I've gotten out after 60 minutes.  But starting next week 90 minutes on Tuesday and Thursday nights will be happening again.  Well until the next time Kogi or another Food Truck is near by.

Warm Up

400.  I mixed it up with fly and back with some drill and pulling.

75 free kick / 50 free drill / 50 free swim

then I did a 75 breast kick and it was time to hold up.  Since the other two lane mates got in the water after I did we sorta rebooted the kick/drill/swim set skipping the free.  Originally it was 4x75kick/50drill/50swim reverse IM.  But I did the free and so we rebooted and started again at the breaststroke

75 kick / 50 drill / 50 swim breaststroke

75 kick / 50 drill / 50 swim backstroke

75 kick / 50 drill / 50 swim butterfly

Well at least two of us did the set like this.  Then we moved on to the main stroke set.  So at this point I've swam 1175 yards. 

Main Set - Three Rounds

75 Swim - Technique on 1:25

50 Swim - Build on 55

50 Swim - Build a bit faster on 55

25 Swim FAST on 25+take 30 seconds more (I don't understand why the coach gives an interval but then adds in extra rest.  Wouldn't it be easier to just say the 25 is on 55?

200 on 3:20 plus take and addition 30 seconds rest.  Doh!  3:50

Okay so round 1 I did it all butterfly, round 2 I did it all backstroke and then I killed myself and did round  all breaststroke.  OY!  (1200/2375)

Okay so as we were getting the 60 minute mark I only did 1 round of what would have been 4 rounds of 3x75's on 1:20.  A round of each stroke.  I did the round butterfly and then a 25 easy free before heading to the showers.  (250/2,575)   Hmm...2575 doesn't sound like a lot of yardage.  Hmm...meh whatever.

After that it was time to walk over to the KOGI BBQ Truck.  I got 2 orders of Sliders and a pulled pork bbq burrito.  I ate the sliders and will have my burrito for lunch tomorrow.  On the way back to the pool we also stopped at Millions of Milkshakes for a milkshake.  Now I need to go and swim another workout to workoff those calories.  But yummy!

MTD & YTD Yardage is 24,625 while YTD LCM is 3,150.  Don't expect the LCM's to climb as the weekend pools are now also SCY.  Doh!  Oh well I guess I can do some LCM swimming on my own.  Hopefully tomorrow I'll get up and get in a long run!  Then run another long run on the weekend.  But ya never know.  I must just sleep in!


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