Wow. Even a pig can out run me?
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To The Gym & Back

Last night I went to bed sorta early and set my alarm for 6am.  This morning when the alarm went off I turned it off at 6am.  I only stayed in bed for a little over an hour.  I then decided to run to the West Hollywood 24 Hour Fitness instead of the Hollywood location.  Tuesrun The Hollywood location is nice, new and big with lots of machines but it is also pretty busy all the time.  While the West Hollywood location isn't as nice, it's old, really small, layed out oddly and has few and older machines.  But the West Hollywood location is never busy before noon.  So when you get to the gym around 8am it's almost like being at your very own gym.  In the main weight area I think there was maybe 10 people working out.  Later in the day and at night the place it packed and I try to avoid going to the WeHo location.  Also I didn't realize the the West Hollywood gym is a bit futher then the Hollywood one.  So instead of the 1.7 mile run to the gym it was a 2.0 mile run to the gym.  Not that much difference but every bit helps.  Once at the gym I did my routine and ran home.  Later tonight I'll go swimming.  As for when I'll be back running on a regular basis well I'd like to run tomorrow but rain is in the forecast.  I'll hafta check the weather tonight to decide if I'll run or not.


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