Tuesday's Swim Report / Things I Might Have Missed
Wednesday's Swim Report / Things I Might Have Missed

Tuesday Night Freestyle Workout

Tonight's workout went a bit better then last night.  Mostly cuz' after last night I was pretty much prepared for the worst.  Since the workout was broken up between free and stroke it all seemed to work well.  The first hour was all freestyle.  I only stayed for the hour like most of the other swimmers.  The guy who only swims with paddles was in my lane but there was one person between us and since we all were doing freestyle it evened out the playing field.  In fact during one part of the workout which was a broken 800 it all worked out. 

Warm Up

400 swi
100 swordfish drill
200 kick
400 broken 50 drill 50 swim. The drills were swordfish, one arm freesyle, turn on  and catch up.

Warm up total was 1100 yards

Then we did a 800 broken by alternating 200's Pull / 200's Swim.  I liked this.  It was one long continious swim.  I just found my pace and kept swimming.  I did notice people were dropping like flies around me.  Some people hung out by the wall.  I noticed someone turning around half way down the lane.  But since it was pretty much an 800 I kept my head down and just kept going.  Hard to see what everyone else is doing when I'm in my distance free swimming mode.  Wish we did more distance free.

1900 yards and it was only like 7:35!

Main Free Set:

4x200's on 2:35.  The 1st 200 was technique.  The 2nd was building by 50 percent.  The 3rd was race strategy to 75 percent.  The 4th 200 was race strategy to 100 percent.
3o seconds rest
4x100's in 1:15.  These were similiar to the 200's.  Or at least that was how I swam them.
3o seconds rest
4x50's on 45.  Sprints, meh.  I just swam them but we were supose to work the walls. 
39 seconds rest
4x25's on 25.  All out for about 20 yards then just continue into the wall. 

15oo yard set.  Then 100 easy.  Total workout was 3500 yards in one hour. 

I was very happy with tonights workout.  I could have stayed and swam the next 30 minutes of the stroke workout but that'll be for next time.  

MTD SCY 22,050

YTD SCY 22,050

YTD LCM 3,150


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