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Wednesday's Swim Report / 10 Things I Might Have Missed

Tuesday's Swim Report / 8 Things I Might Have Missed

Confrence Warm Up1.  Olympic Swimmer Richard Hortness launches a website called It's not news but gave me an excuse to post a pix of Richard HOTness

2.  RobAquatics talks about Go Swim new online video stroke evaluation and a whole lot more about Glen Mills and Go Swim.

3.  The Screaming Viking adds some humor to USA Swimming's Suit List

4.  The Morning Swim Show talks to USMS Director Rob Butcher on the new suit regulations.

5.  The TriSwimCoach interviews Glen Mills of GoSwim!

6.  The Professional Pool Operators of America has a great gallery of just about every CollegeofNotreDameBelmontCaMono_fs "Historical" pool in America!  It's Amazing!

7.  The Scientific Swimming Article Review blog analysis the Men's 200 Back From Rome FINA 09.

8.  Who has the best Swim Blog on the interwebs?  Tony of the SCAQ Blog?  Rob of RobAquatics?  NOPE.  WTF I ask?  Seriously Tony's blog is amazing.  He's a swimmer with an opinion who is always getting breaking news first in the world of swimming.  And Rob well Rob is like the swimming god of USMS!  I am glad that the three swim blogs listed in The Top 50 Sports Blog are blogs I like even if I think Rob and Tony were robbed!  Here are they are:

18. With Gold Medal Mel, your enthusiasm for the swimming and other aquatic sports doesn’t have to end with the closing of the games. Offers insights, coverage, and news on the latest in the swimming world.

19. Kast-A-Way Blog provides followers with swimming and other water sports news on featured on the World Wide Web, and features articles on other areas of interest to lovers of this and other aquatic sports.

47. Authored by a Master Swimmer, the Master Swimmer’s Blog is a great place to find information and coverage of the sport, including swimming news and photos of U.S. Masters Swimming events.

Lanvin man shoes

As for my little blog I will never be considered for any top blogger award as I rant, write drunk, say shit, fuck, dick and motherfucker too much.  I am proud to be that crazy drunken uncle that everyone hopes passes out at the party quickly just so hell shut the fuck up.  Actually Ive been honored and linked to by various websites over the years and feel honored.  To be honest I am honored by everyone who reads my blog and comments, emails, IMs me or stops me at swim meets and the gym. 

You're far too nice Joel! Don't leave out yourself! But here's what I'm saying... we start our own blog awards on a site no one has heard of then not tell anyone about them, and then give the top spots to ourselves. Problem solved :)

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