This Week's The Biggest Loser News Round Up
Tuesday Night Freestyle Workout

Tuesday's Swim Report / Things I Might Have Missed

1.  USA Swimming profiles swimmer Michael Alexandrov LINK. (photo of Michael from Michael_alexandrovUSA Swimming)

2. I knew it was only a matter of time but didn't even think of the backstrokers.  Seems like those new Omega Blocks are not going over to well with backstrokers.  Craig Lord looks at what's "wrong" with the new blocks LINK.

2.  From the USMS Discussion Forum and Coach Ahelle Sue Osborn - "FREE Club Banner from USMS!" LINK.  Hey a free banner for your USMS is a free banner.  Of course you might want to ask how your team logo will show up in comparison to the USMS logo next to it.  I saw a certain teams "new" logo that looked microscopic next to the USMS logo.  Luckily that team changes the logo faster then Lady Gaga changes her hair style.

4.  The Inside The Games website chimes in on the speed suit debate with "A new era for swimming could spell bad news for London 2012" LINK.  The article pretty much says that if the speed suit records stand as is then they'll be no new records in London 2012.  Meh!

5.  The Screaming Viking asks "Is That a Hookah Behind You?" LINK.  Actually he recaps the MSS' Peter Busch ask Cesar Cielo if that was a Hookah.  On and Hookah not Hooker.  I know with my East Coast accent it sounds the same.

6.  The SCAQ Blog looks at "The most fragile sprinter I have ever seen in this sport" LINK.  Over the last day I've seen tons of stories about Eamon Sullivan and his latest hip issue and will post something maybe later.  But for now Tony sums it up pretty good. 

7.  GoSwim posted a great video of the Freestyle - Single Paddle Drill LINK.  When I read the post I knew after the first sentence that this drill is for me.  In the post GoSwim asks "Do you limp when you swim freestyle? Do you lean too much to one side or the other because you breathe to only one side?" And I yelled at my computer YES and YES.  I'm going to try the drill out during a warm up or when no one is looking. 

8.  The Los Angeles edition of the Daily Candy looks at "Aqualillies Synchronized Aqualillies-Image3 Swimming Classes" LINK.  You can actually sign up and take synchronized swimming classes right here in downtown LA.  hmmm...may have to try that.  Find out more at

9.  The Crazy For Swimming Blog reviews the kids book "Mermaid Queen: The Spectacular True Story of Annette Kellerman, Who Swam Her Way to Fame, Fortune, and Swimsuit History" LINK.  Just seemed to fit right here after the Aqualillies.

10.  I bet they won't be wearing any full body speed suits in this: CNBC to air Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Documentary LINK


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