Tuesday Night Swim
"Eating like an Olympian" With Garrett Weber-Gale

Doing Time In The Butterfly Lane!

The best part about swimming last night and this morning was the fact that pool is finally at a comfortable temperature.  According to the lifeguard it was 80 and I think that is about right if just a tad below.  Mind you I'd like the pool to be a competition temperature of about 78 but I can live with 80.  It's anything above 80 that I hate.  So of course since it was 80 people were bitching about how cold it was.  Doh!  Fuckin' just swim and shut up.  Once you get past the first 50 your body will adjust and if not just go faster.  I could tell that during the workout the water was getting a bit warmer as I had the wall lane and could feel warm water by the vents.  Guess it'll only be two days of nice water temperature!

Since I did swim last night getting to swim for 6am practice was bit much.  By the time I ate, relaxed and fell asleep it was getting closer to 1am.  So to be up at 5am was almost torture.  I did wake up about a minute before my alarm went off but still layed in bed for about 10 minutes debating on swimming or not.  I got up and slowly got my act together.  Once at the pool I was one of the last in the water but since most people spent time bitching it was cold and the fact I liked it I started to swim right away.  Did about a 600 warm up.

The best part of the whole workout was the fact that the workout was light in attendance and I had my own lane.  So later on I got to swim butterfly uninterrupted by having to do one arm as I passed lane mates!  Good thing no one likes the wall lane or swimming with me!

Hmm...don't remember all the warm up sets.  They blur with last nights warm ups.

I know we did 4x100's Kick in which I missed a 50 to pee.  (350)

We did a 300 Pull breathing every 3/5/3/7/3/5 by 50.  It was an easy interval 4 minutes plus.  Then a 200 pull dps.  Then a 100 build. (600)

I know we did at least one 200 IM 25 drill / 25 swim.

and some sprint 50's I think.  Doh!  Like I said it all blurs together after a while. 

Main Set - Two Rounds

25 easy on 30

50 easy on 60

75 easy on 1:20

100 FAST Choice on 1:40 did this butterfly

25 easy on 30

50 easy on 60

75 easy on 1:20

75 FAST Choice on 1:20 did this butterfly

25 easy on 30

50 easy on 60

75 easy on 1:20

50 FAST Choice on 60 did this butterfly

So lots of butterfly sprints for me.  I did the easy parts freestyle.  Will admit the 2nd round the easy parts I pulled in order to save my legs for the butterfly.  This set was 1,550 yards.  The first round my 100 fly I did about a 1:12 while my second round was a bit faster at 1:08.  As for my 75's I forget the exact times but it also was faster and I didn't bother looking for the 50's.  Who swims 50's?  I was hurting during the warm up portion of workout and really did take it easy.  I sorta in my head already dismissing this workout as a recovery workout before we started the main set.  But once I put it in my head to do butterfly sprints my body came back to life.  I am sore now but in a good way.  Glad I pushed myself in the main set.  I could have taken the easy way out and swim it all backtroke or free but really butterfly made the set and the whole workout worthwhile. 

Since I can't remember the whole workout and only remember 3,300 yards of what I swam I'll use 3,300 yards as today's logged yardage.  Now I can let my body recover and get ready for Friday morning's killing, I mean swimming.


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