Running and The Gym
Nike+ Sportband 2.0 FAILURE!

Fifty After Fifty After Fifty

I feel like I am on a roll in swimming.  Well besides yesterdays attempt to swim hungover.  But besides that I am on a roll.  Oddly feeling strong and less fatigued.  During warm up I was able to work out the kinks from lifting this morning and then after that my body just kept going. 

Warmed Up


Then we did 5x150's

1st 50 kick on stomach no board / 50 kick on back / 50 swordfish

2nd 50 finger tip drag / 100 dps

3rd 50 turn on 3 drill / 100 dps

4th 50 fist / 100 dps

I was a bit ahead and thought that was it as the coach didn't say anything about the 5th one.  So I took a quick pee break.  When I got back I was told we were doing the 1st one all over.  So since I wasn't ready I went last.  I sorta was goofing off to not catch up to everyone and in my backstroke kick turn crashed into the lane line.  Think I may wake up with a shiner.  Doh!  If I do I'll post a pix. (750/1400)

400 Pull (400/1800)

35x50's As follows Freestyle

5 on 50 then take 15 seconds rest

5 on 45 then take 20 seconds rest

5 on 40 we just squared up the clock to the top

5 on 40 squared up clock

5 on 40 squared up clock

5 on 45 took like 15 secs rest

5 on 50

Oy!  I actually felt really great during this set.  I think I pretty much held the same time for all of them.  I went 2nd for the first 3 rounds then lead for the rest. (1750/3150)

Then we did a 400 pull.  Now that hurt at first but got use to it and just swam it nice an easy. (400/3550)

Finishing it up with some stroke.

4x50's on 55 Stroke (did them fly)

100 IM on 1:45

4x50's on 55 Stroke (did them fly)

100 IM but I did it butterfly!  Felt great! (600/4,150)

Then just did a 50 sorta warming down before getting out for a total of 4,150 yards.  Hmm...felt like so much more!  I don't think I will have it in me to swim tomorrow morning.  Maybe tomorrow night! 

MTD Yardage 21,450


The water was warm and I just felt ill.  It was move down and swim easy or just go home and go to bed. Bed won!  Later I did go on a run so it wasnt a complete loss of the day.  

For the fast lane; the 100's were on 1:20, 150's on 2:00, I'm not sure about the 300's but our interval was 4:00. I added about 20 seconds break after the 300 because I was feeling tired, had Armando on my feet and just couldn't face the next set without it.

Now I wish I swam this morning.  300s sound like fun!  Carol was the coach last night and I was shocked about all those 50s.  I wanted the middle round of 5x50s to be on 35 but was out voted.  After the 50s I had enough in me to do that butterfly so really we had too much rest in the 50s. 

After the gym and swimming last night I woke up and was feeling the burn so I rolled over and went back to bed.  I did just get back from a 8+mile run but plan on swimming tonight.  Its an hour with JP so Ill be in pain tonight!  Hopefully I can wake up early enough on Sunday to get in a long run and be recovered for the afternoon workout.  But the way its been cold in the morning I doubt Ill get out before 7am.

I wonder what the fastest intervals were this morning?

And what's with swimming hungover? You may as well have just stayed drunk.

35 50's? Who was the coach? We had a tough one from Bram this morning (3*100, 2*150, 1x300; 3 times). It was the most lethargic 4,000 yards I've swum in a while.

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