Killer Abs & Arms = Interesting Workout
Getting My Game Face On

Getting Pass The Pain.

I had planned a nice run for this morning but since my abs are still sore from starting to work them again I decided against the run.  On Sunday I started working out my abs again in the hope of not being this guy with a six pack but just to have a stronger core.  So I started back up on the abs.  Mind you I do this every so often then slack a bit till I pretty much don't do ab work at the gym.  Mostly cuz' damn it hurts.  Last night at every turn I was in agony.  Then this morning I was running and it hurt!  Those little muscles around my belly hurt!  I'm use to feeling pain in my legs, arms, chest and back from swimming, running and weight training but not my belly.  I can swim till I can't lift my arms.  I can run till my legs wanna fold over on me.  But the belly.  I didn't realize how much you use your ab muscles doing everyday things like sitting down and getting up or just coughing. 

In my head I told myself that this pain is a good pain from working out and just need to get through it.  It'll fade in time once the muscle tissue heals itself and grows.  So although I didn't run the whole way to the gym I made it to the gym.  I then did my circuit weight training with my ab work.  It hurt but I just pressed ahead.  Hopefully in a few weeks I'll do it and not even think about it.  Afterwards I ran a bit then walked a bit and ran a bit more on the way home.  So instead of putting in a 10 mile run today I only did a measly 2.5 mile run.  As for the rest of the day I'm in recovery mode.  Letting my little belly feel better!


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