January's Last Chance Swim Practice
Getting Pass The Pain.

Killer Abs & Arms = Interesting Workout

After Sunday's gym and swim time I decided to skip my Monday morning swim and get some recovery time.  Instead I swam the p.m. workout even though I was still feeling the Sunday workout.  I did ab workout for the first time in ages and well my tummy muscles ached.  Doing flip turns during swim workout was pretty painful so I sorta just did really bad flip turns even worse then my normal bad turns.  My arms were so and really had to dig in later on in workout to get any speed at all.  It was a super tough workout and being a bit sore didn't help any.

Warm Up

300 Swim

300 Pull

200 Kick (800)

12x50's Kick on 60 (3 fly / 3 back / 3 breast and 3 free) (600/1400)

2x200's IM Drill (400/1800)

I was struggling as my body was so not having it.  During the drill my arms ached from yesterday and I felt like I wasn't getting any traction.  Once I heard the main set I was afraid I was going to fall apart.

Main Set:

16x150's - Descending within each group of 4.

4x150's IM No Free on 2:15

4x150's Free on 2:00

We were then allowed some rest.  This was the part of workout when people started to get out.  I even wanted to get out but I didn't.  Next round

4x150's IM No Free on 2:20.  The one other swimmer in my lane who stayed wanted an easier interval. I did too but even though I was feeling the pain I didn't want too much rest.  I felt that I'd get lazier and lazier with more rest.  The 3rd 150 was hurting as my arms in the butterfly just didn't want to come out of the water.  But the 4th one felt a bit better. 

Too an extra 10 seconds before doing the last round.

4x150's Free on 2:00 Oy!  Knowing that workout was ending I was able to just slowly add a bit of speed to each one.  Maybe a second descend each time.  The last one I really tried to hold it together and just swim fast.  It hurt but I did it. (2,400/4,200)

We then did a 75 easy then some 25's.  First one was backstroke kick fast, then a butterfly kick on your back fast.  I think we may have done 7 more after that.  I know we did 2 of them butterfly.  Finished with a 100 easy.  (400/4,600)

Swimming the evening workouts are a bit tougher and are 90 minutes instead of 75 minutes.   It's amazing how much more yardage you can get with an extra 15 minutes.  Saying that I do think I'll be skipping Tuesday night swim to let my arms recover. 

MTD SCY 4,600


Yes, I am agree with you. Its painful experience for me. its so tough and painful to get killer abs.

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