Running Again, And It Hurts So Good
Monday's Swim Report

Monday Morning Swimming

After yesterday's run I woke up with sore legs.  Last week my calves were burning but this week it was all about my quads and hip flexers.  I think I called them reflexers but was correct by a swim mate.  I contemplated staying in bed but decided to swim bright well dark and early.  I rode the bicycle with the thought if I am too sore to ride then I'd swing on back home and skip swimming.  But the ride felt okay and in fact helped my legs wake up.

Today we had our choice of a free workout or a stroke workout.  Since I did the stroke workout on last Thursday I decided to do freestyle  Plus I figured free was easier on the legs then butterfly.  

Warm Up On Our Own:

500 Swim

Then I got in a 100 pull. (600)

Warm Up Set:

3 Rounds

100 free kick / 50 drill / 50 swim

The drills were one arm, finger tip drag and catch up.  I tink.  (600/1200)

Then we did a 500 pull (300 DPS / 200 breathing 3/5/7/9)  (500/1700)

Main Set:

125 Free on 1:35

125 Free on 1:45

250 Free on 3:50

The 250 had to be faster then the combined 2x125's.  Since everyone seemed to have a problem with the interval the coached changed the interval.  Honestly I thought the first round interval was perfect for the set.  The way I looked at it was a negative split 500.  Having 5 seconds or less rest between the first 125 and second made sense.  Remember this is me who loves to rest and easy intervals.  

125 Free on 1:40

125 Free on 1:50

250 Free on 4 mins

125 Free on 1:40

125 Free on 1:50

250 Free on 4 mins

My first 250 I did on about 3 mins.  My second one about 2:50 and the last about a 2:51.  I felt faster in the 3rd one so I am hoping I just am screwing up on the math and actually went faster then I think.  (1500/3200)

Then we did a 50 easy before moving on to a stroke mini -warmup.  200 (25 kick / 25 drill) IM.  I only did a 150 of the IM.  (200/3400)

Finishing up with 4x25's and a 100 IM.  The 1st and 3rd 25 was off the block as well as the 100 IM.  (200/3600)

And that was it.  3600 SCY.  Not bad for a Monday.  My legs felt like crap so I really had to use my arms.  I felt pretty damn strong in the freestyle.  Glad I woke up and swam this morning.  


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