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One 2 Many - Friday Morning Workout

I really should have stayed in bed this morning.  I woke up sore but hoped that once I got in the water I'd be up to speed.  I pretty much knew during the general warm up that this was not going to be the case.  During the kick part of warm up I was struggling more then usual but kept telling myself to hold on.  By the time we started the main set I was discouraged enough to give up.  I figured that I did weights and swimming yesterday and my body was telling me it needed rest.  So I ended up giving up and getting out early.  After I did get out while in the shower I sorta did feel that I cheated myself and that even if it was tough I should have stuck it out.  Oh well, what done is done.  I needed to get up early this morning anyways.

Warm Up

400 Swim

300 Pull

50 Kick (750)

Warm Up Set:

Two Rounds - 

4x50's fly kick

2x100's easy free swim working the turns

4x75's free kick

I took a pee break and missed a 50 kick so instead of it being 1400 yards it was 1350 yards for me (1350/2,100)

Up next was the main set.  I barely even made it past the beginning.  

4x100's free on 1:15 just making the interval theory a 200 fast on 3 mins.  I gave up after the 1st 100.  I had nothing.  I didn't make the last 100 and was just feeling the pain.  No gas and all pain.  So I got out.  So I only did 500 yards for a total of 2,600 yards for the workout.  At least I tried even though I should have tried harder.  


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