8+ Mile Run
AQUAview: Three Dudes in Speedos with a Head Bob

Pushing It To The Brink - Friday Nite Swim

I figured by tonight I'd be recovered from yesterdays swim but not from this afternoons run.  Boy was I wrong as both hit me like a two ton truck!  I even moved down to the medium lane to survive.  I had no problem making the intervals but I was sloppy and lazy at times.  I did do a decent 300 swim out of the whole workout.  Workout was only 60 minutes but still it was a bit tough for me.  No swimming tomorrow! 

Warmed Up

300 (I think, I was goofing off)

4x75's IM order 25 kick / 25 drill / 25 swim  (300/600)

250 New Sorta Drill.  To the deep end pulling but water polo style heads up the to the shallow end kicking using the pull buoy as a kickboard.  That killed my lower back.  Thought I was going to be crippled after that swim. (250/850)

300 Pull breathing 3/5/3/7/3/5 by 50 (300/1150) I never really do well in breath control sets but tonight I felt exceptionally bad.  Had to pull back and stretch it out.

Main Set:

3x100's on 1:40 (fast lane 1:30) 1 IM / 1 Stroke (did back) / 1 IM

50 easy on 55

300 Free on 4:00 Felt like crap during this 300.  I started off at a decent clip but after about a 100 I was feeling the last few workouts.  I started to pull back and take it easy.

50 easy on 55 

3x100's on 1:40 (fast lane 1:30) 1 IM / 1 Stroke (did back) / 1 IM

50 easy on 55

300 Free on 4:00 Since we were almost done I tried my best to do a descent 300 here.  It wasn't my best but I put all I could into it.  Really tried to hold myself and my stroke together. 

50 easy on 55

3x100's on 1:40 (fast lane 1:30) 1 IM / 1 Stroke (did back) / 1 IM (1700/2850)

Then I did a 50 easy. Got out showerd and cycled home.  Felt good to cycle home. Total yardage 2,900 for 60 minute workout.

MTD SCY 24,350


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