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Doing Time In The Butterfly Lane!

Tuesday Night Swim

Even though I did swim just on Friday it was beginning to feel like I haven't been in a pool in months.  So odd but it really did.  Luckily practice wasn't so bad and the warm up / drill part seemed to take up a good portion of the workout.  After running and lifting this morning don't know if I would be able to take a full workout.  In fact the achy calves from this morning came back to a full blown cramp at the end of workout.  Doh!

Started off swimming a 500 warmup then a 150 pull.  We then did 8x25's two of each stroke working on our underwater pool.  Then we did 2x75's butterfly/back/breast on 1:20.  And I think 3x50's of switches butter/back, back/breast and breast/free.  With this and some kick drill sets the warm up was around 45 minutes.  We did 2x200's free broken 75 kick / 50 drill / 75 distance per stroke.  Then 2x200's IM one kick and one drill.  Warm up was also 1,550 yards. 

Main Set:

Three Rounds of the following (continious)

2x25's on 30 (1st round fly, 2nd round back and 3rd round breast)

100 IM on 1:30

200 distance per stroke free on 2:40

150 free build on 2:10

100 free fast on 1:25

50 free fast on 45

The first round felt great and the second round I still was feeling strong.  But in the third round as I pushed off for the 100 I got a bad cramp.  I got to the other end and pulled myself out of the pool but I couldn't stand up to walk the cramp out.  So I actually missed the 100 and the 50 of the last round. But I was feeling so good otherwise.  So mad!  Minus my 25 of cramping I did 1600 yards of this set.  (1600/3,150)

After walking out the cramp I got in swam a 50 and pulled a 200 IM then warmed down a 100. (350/3500)  I plan on swimming in the morning.  Hopefully my cramp will go away in my sleep.


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