Saturday's Swim Report - Plus Some Wii Stuff
2010 Los Angeles Marathon - One Week 2 Go In Pictures @lamarathon

11 Mile Run From Hell-O Operator Give Me Number Nine...

I've rested, stopped drinking alcohol and haven't really run since Tuesday yet today's run was painful.  Oy!  I have a full taper week ahead before the marathon so I'm not that worried.  I did notice a few things about today's run that I'll make sure I change.  One of them was that being flatfooted I rub my socks in the same place at the arch of the foot.  Well the socks are pretty much worn out at that spot leaving me with a blister.   Those socks are now in the trash.  I'll be buying a new pair of running socks this week.  May wait for the Expo on Friday and buy some there.  
 I had wanted to do a really long run but consulting various websites I realized that 10 miles was what I should run today.  So I headed out to run.  It was a bit brisk in the shade but nice in the sun.  After being in the sun for a bit when I did get back in the shade it was almost too much.  The sweat was cold on me!  Brrrr....Luckily I got back in the sun really quickly.  Damn winter!  The run wasn't anything new.  Just the usual loop around West Hollywood / Beverly Hills.  Some of the run was on the LA Marathon route but then again I live near mile marker 12 so it was easy enough to do.  

I did have a few moments of feeling good while running but mostly it sucked.  Oh well not every run can be great. I got to remember that I've had horrible swim practices right before a meet then do some of my best times.  One workout means nothing.   It's just a blip in the training.  On my run I ran past this big house with a tiny lil' Smart Car in the driveway.  I thought it was funny and snapped a pix.

You could drive that car in that house is my guess.  "Honey, bring me the morning paper" Zoom, Zoom "Here ya go".  Well at least that is what I'd do if I owned a Smart Car and that house.    


Thx!  BodyGlide, Socks, new shorts are just a few of the things on my shopping list.  Will go to the Expo on Friday and pick up a few things.  Then anything else hit up the running store.  Thx for the advice.  Cant wait to get this running thing out of the way.  Swimming is so much better then running!

You definitely didn't need to run longer, this close to the race!

Worth getting: Bodyglide, which you can put on blister spots preemptively to reduce chafing (also worth putting anywhere like around neckline of shirt where chafing is likely to happen).

Hope your race goes very well! I feel certain that if you set out at a steady not-too-hard pace (9:30 or 10?) you can finish in under 4:30 - you are a considerably faster runner than I am, and I have finished a couple marathons in the 4:15-4:30 range... just don't go too fast at the beginning!

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