Sorta Running Again...
My Official 2010 LA Marathon Photos

Back In The Pool

I decided I was feeling pretty good so I'd try and swim tonight.  When I got to the pool I hung out with some of my mates and we talked about the marathon.  When I swim at night I try to get on deck a bit early to chit chat since a few people also show up early.  In the morning I am too tired to be chatty.  Once warm up started I didnt think I was going to swim the workout.  My left foot felt sore like it did during the marathon.  Also my legs in general were sore and pulling my legs up to do a flip turn hurt.  As workout went on I felt a bit better.  At the very end I got a cramp in my leg and called it a night.  But I did swim 60 minutes and finished the main set. 

Warm Up

400 swim / 100 kick (500)

We did a drill/swim set.  I missed part of it for a pee break but here is what I did:

50 swim / 25 drill / 50 swim / 25 drill/ 50 swim (200/700)

100 then 2x50's all kick.  this didnt hurt as much as I thought it would.  (200/900)

300 pull!  YEAH!  (300/1200)

Main Set:

4 Rounds

50 on 45

100 on 1:15

150 on 2:05

150 on 2:05

100 on 1:15

50 on 55

2,400 yard set.  The three of us in the fast lane are pretty close in speed.  Actually the other two are faster sprinters.  I went 2nd but since we were on all top of each other I went 10 seconds after the 1st person. The guy behind me stayed 5 seconds behind me and didn't like the fact I was going 10 seconds behnd.  He said it made him so far behind.  I didn't really care since I knew he'd skip parts of the set anyways which he did.  After two rounds the 1st swimmer got out so I started to lead.  By then end I had the lane to myself.  I felt pretty strong for the whole set and had plenty of rest. 

Total yardage tonight was 3,600 yards.  When I was sore and tired kept reminding myself that I finished a marathon so this workout is nothing.  So need to keep doing that when workouts get hard!


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