The Circle Of Life - Sneakers
Some Saturday Pre-Rain Gym Time

Change of Pace - A Morning Swim In The Sun

Last night I meant to set my alarm to wake me up and even went kept reminding myself to do just that as I was getting ready for bed.  But alas I didn't.  Luckily about at 6:10 am I heard a @ mention alert noise on Tweetdeck which woke me up.  Noticing that sun was peaking in the window I desperately searched for the clock. Doh!  Realizing I missed the 6am practice I debated on sleeping in some more and swimming tonight, or just get up and head to the 7:15 am practice.  A third thought of getting up and going for a run entered my head but was quickly dismissed.'s cold out.  I ended up getting on my bike and cycling over to the 7:15 am practice.  Boy was it crowded.  I almost turned around and went home.  

As people were getting out of the 6:00 am workout I kept hearing about how there would be lots of butterfly and a few mates told me I'd love the workout.  Hmm...maybe I'll stay after all.  But butterfly in a crowded lane, oy!I got in the water for warm up and kept thinking that I'd just get out since it was so crowded.  I also hoped looking at my lane compared to the other fast lane that we'd might get easier intervals. I warmed up a 400 swim, 300 pull (without paddles since the lane was crowded) then a 100 kick. So an 800 warmup.

The coached moved a few folks around and it became clear that indeed we just may get slower intervals in my lane.  But first a warm up set in which the intervals were the same.

3 Rounds - Round 1 & 3 Butterfly / Round 2 Choice (I did backstroke)

100 Kick

75 Drill

50 kick on your side

25 swim

I forgot the intervals.  (750/1550)  We then did a 50 easy rounding up the yardage to 1,600.

Main Set: 

4 Rounds -

50 Recovery on 50

100 25 Free / 25 Fly & repeat on 1:40

150 Free on 2:10

200 with the repeating pattern 25 free / 25 fly on 2:50

The first round was okay but the second round I felt like crap.  But then I recovered and grew stronger in my butterfly.  By the fourth round I had gotten into the butterfly.  Of course we were down to 3 in our lane so it was easier to swim butterfly  I'm glad I swam in the slower lane as I don't know if I could of hacked the faster interval.  My body was breaking down in the slower fast lane.  For whatever reason I'm not good at transitioning between strokes.  A 200 all butterfly would have been easier then the 25 free / 25 fly.  I always felt that by the time I got to the wall my stroke settled in and then it was time to switch it again.  (2,000/3,600)

I then did a 50 warmdown and got out.  The rest was some sprint kicking.  I'd rather save my legs for running.  Plus I find kicking sets pointless.  I don't kick much if at all when I swim and all the kicking sets in the world won't change that.  I need more drills that will teach me to be able to swim and kick at the same time.  If that is even possible.  I mean I can't chew gum and walk at the same time.  

Total yardage was 3,650.  That will be it till Monday for swimming.  Saturday I will hit the gym and then Sunday I'd like to run.  Depending on the rain storm that is expected.  Due to Elton John's Oscar Party the pool will be closed since it's right at the make shift tent.  Damn Oscars!  


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