Swimming Again.
1st Swim Meet of 2010

Feeling Like A Slug In The Water

I am still recovering from my cold last week.  It's sorta been a odd cold since it seemed to have gone away then crept back.  Over the weekend I was tossing, turning and coughing at night but feeling better in the day time.  Last night was the first good night sleep I've had in days.  So much so that I didn't want to get out of bed.  I had planned on an early morning jog to the gym and then do some weights.  But I hit the snooze button.  And then again and again.  Then I started bartering with myself first by saying "i'll just read the morning paper then go" then it was "i'll just have a quick breakfast and go" and then it continued to watching some tv, eating lunch and finally around 2pm I just gave up.  So then I told myself I'd go to swim practice tonight.  Which I almost missed as I fell asleep watching some Law & Order.  Doh!  

I did make it to the pool.  I got in for warm up and felt sluggish.  But I am always a bit sluggish in warm up but told myself to suck it up and keep going.  I swam about a 650 mixing it up with some fly, back and freestyle.  

Then we did a warm up set.  I struggled with this set.  I just couldn't get out of feeling like a slug.  

200 Pull breathing 3/5/3/7.  This is when recovering from a cold really hurts.  Normally 5 and 7 are hard but tonight even 3 was killing me.  People who I normally am ahead of were kicking my ass.  I just had nothing.  

4x50's Drill IM Order

100 IM drill

then I think 4x25's.  Doh i don't remember it all.  think we may have some choice fast 50's too.  then we did a modified repeat of the warm up set all over again.  My 2nd 200 pull was even more of a struggle.  So we are about 1,650 plus a bit so far in yardage.

Main Set:

4x50's choice of 50 (i did backstroke)

2x100's IM on 1:30 2nd one faster then the 1st

2x200's free on 2:45 2nd one faster then the 1st

8x25's on 30 choice with numbers 3 and 7 being sprints

take an extra 30 seconds rest 

4x50's choice of 50 (i did backstroke)

2x100's IM on 1:30 2nd one faster then the 1st

2x200's free on 2:45 2nd one faster then the 1st

8x25's on 30 choice with numbers 3 and 7 being sprints

I really had no speed in me.  I was tired and just couldn't get any speed.  With both 200's the first one was brutal while the second I was able to get some speed but nothing like I'd normally be able to get.  It wasn't that I was feeling sore from a hard workout in fact I didn't.  I just felt blah and couldn't find any speed in me.  I'll blame it on being sick.  Hopefully I'll be able to find my speed back.  This set was 2,000 yards.  I really like this set.  This was two workouts in a row that I enjoyed the set and workout but just had nothing in me!  

At this point in the workout it was 8:15 so I did a 50 warm down and got out.  I figured I was tired so maybe I needed to take it easy.  I had planned on swimming to 8:30 but figured if I'm struggling then maybe I just need to ease back into it.  No need on making myself get sick again or sicker.  The pool will be closed tomorrow morning so there is no swim practice.  I want to get in at least one hard swim in later this week.  Maybe two.  It's just so hard to be motivated when your body just wants to sleep all day.  Total yardage tonight was 3,700.

Oh I forgot to post this yesterday but it just dawned on me.  After the morning workout I thanked the coach for the workout and commented how the intervals were perfect.  The coach commented something about how it's easier to figure out intervals when it's not as busy.  And it dawned on me that for every I gripe about a too fast or too slow interval it's really not about me and my ability it's the coach trying to find a balance between the various swimmers.  Something for me to think about the next time I am bitching about something.  As I've said several times I'm lucky to have some great swim coaches.  Each one of them brings something different to swimming so no matter who is on deck I'm always in for something different and challenging.  


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