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My 2010 LA Marathon Results

Los Angeles Marathon Expo

Today was the day to get my bib and goodie bag!  Gotta admit I'm nervous as hell for Sunday.  I heard that people are selling the bibs online for hundreds of dollars since it is sold out.  Hmm...maybe I should sell mine and sleep in!  Nah, I'm going to do this even if I have to crawl.  

Pick up was at Dodger Stadium which is the starting point of the marathon. 

 Wahoo...the Expo!

There was this great mural of the marathon route.  Above you can see just out of Dodger Stadium heading to Chinatown/Downtown with the freeway. 

More of downtown LA and I think that is suppose to Echo Park.  I'm only guessing based on running the route previously

I have no clue what part of town that represents.  Maybe Silverlake?

   I'm thinking is is Silverlake just cuz' it's the hipster/artsy part of town and I cann see "works of art" on a building.  It still is a cool mural.

Then you have Hollywood and Beverly Hills.  But wait.  "No Cruising Zone"?  Yes, West Hollywood is represented in this mural.  Glad to know that West Hollywood is void of any landmarks except for it's "No Cruising Zone".  I think I missed that on my Starline Tour.

Ahh...the finish line in Santa Monica.  I didn't get a picture of all the panels as people were enjoying the panels and a few people thought they'd just stand around and wait for friends in front of the panels.  

IMG_3018Then there was a booth for the Los Angeles Marathon Museum.  I don't think there is an actual museum.  Would be an interesting thing to see if they did. 

   A few more things.  When I was in the tent some older gentleman walked in wearing various clothing items from various past marathons.  He had a hat on from about 10 years ago.  It's amazing how people come back and run this marathon year after year.  

And that was it.  Hello Downtown LA 


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